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I don’t like the phrase “they have anger issues” | TW stigma?

I feel like whenever someone uses that phrase on someone else, it feels… stigmatizing. Especially to those with anger disorders/conditions. And this is coming from someone who doesn’t deal with anger health problems.

I don’t know. I wouldn’t use that on someone because it sounds like it’s stigmatizing them, and I don’t wanna do that.

#anger #MentalHealth #Unsure #mentalhealthmatters

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Trigger warning* not sure if allowed to post I feel maybe I have some Bipolar condition as well as my anxiety

I don’t think I actually am but sometimes I wonder, I know only a professional can diagnose me I think it’s just really bad highs and lows with life changes/ stressors etc. but it happens so often and during the week sometimes I don’t know if my extremes could be something else or not. Was just curious if others who know they have bipolar disorder or are officially diagnosed with it could explain a bit how it is for them? Thanks.

I’ll seek a psychiatrist or doctor to evaluate
Im only diagnosed with
And depression etc

Thanks appreciate any help.
I think I’m just having a tough time right now and I just need to get some help which I’m setting up, but just wanted to hear from others who do struggle with other disorders bpd, ocd, anxiety, depression, or in particular bipolar.

I’m pretty sure I’m having more than my one or two diagnosis but can’t tell what it is

Thanks for any help, but I will seek an evaluation and get some help to confirm. #Bipolar #Diagnosis #Unsure #confused #struggling #Trying #Crying #panic #Doctor #Psychiatrist #Hope #help #Depression #Anxiety #MightyTogether

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Sooo..... I uhm.. got an anxiety attack today. So that's fun. My hand is so red from scratching it .... and cutting it. My parents don't give a fuck so.. should tell my best friend? Should tell someone?

#Anxiety #Depression #Unsure



I initially joined the mighty with the intent to connect with people that understood my struggles as I've been reading articles for yrs I relate to, but since being here Ive become skeptical of how helpful it is for me personally. I want to like it. I just don't know.
#skeptical #confused #Unsure #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder


I was a workaholic. I was putting it over 60 hrs a week some weeks. I used work as a way to distract my mind. Then my mind couldn't handle it anymore. The traumas I endured before I could even form sentences have begun creeping through the cracks like sludge. I can't go to work. The lights, the noise, the crowd each sends off alarms in my mind. I look at my hands searching for a hint of realness. There is none.
I feel my mouth move, there are words but I don't know what they are. I'm reminded of how there was a time I only babbled, a time before words were tangible, when I was young. My friend laughs, I must have said something funny but it was lost to my own ears. I can't understand him, I feel sick to my stomach, my own language lost to my mind. My muscles twitch subtly, a reminder of my daily medication -a side effect of trying to heal.
My job began to slip away from me - now I'm not even there. I'm home, stretched out on my office futon waiting for phone calls. Desperate the heal, so unsure of what to do. I don't know what to do. I meditate, I do yoga, it helps in the moment and when I leave my room I settle back into dissociation - a default setting 15 years strong.
I search online for online support, zoom meetings, groups, forums, chat rooms, therapists - I can't do this alone. I'm in over my head. My girlfriend watched my struggles with love, and promise that it's okay that I struggle. But to myself I feel like a failure. I can't work, what good am #Depression #Work #Anxiety #dissociativedisorders #Depersonalization
#Derealization #tired #depressed #MentalHealth #Unsure


Son up all night #notsleeping #Unsure #helpless

My 21 year old son is diagnosed with MDD. He’s left college and is at home. I’m glad he’s here and needs time to recover. He’s seeing a therapist. He spends all of his time on the phone or computer gaming. He’s up until 3 or 4 am. He says this is his only outlet. I’m afraid he isn’t putting in the work to help his recovery but using technology to mask his issues. And I’m afraid his sleep habits aren’t helping him either. I don’t want to make his feel bad or shamed. How do I help? What can I do or say? Feeling so helpless and a little hopeless


Flash backs...#Flashback #Pain #Insecure

Im not too sure how to put this out here but....Im in my 40's ,anxiety and depression for many years it been hard, I been having this flashback that shows me what happend many year ago when I was a teen but now that im older I can understand what really happened? Can just be my head making all this...im goin crazy here....should I go to a specialist? #lost #confused #sad #Anxiety #Depression #Unsure #help


Unsure what it might be

So when I get stressed or excited,overwhelmed some emotions I have these moments where if I don't do something like for example make a noise or move my hands in some way it feels almost like a anxiety attack but I no its not and I just have to move in some way like hit something make a noise normally its hit my shoulder and make a noise for a bit and then I calm down but im unsure what it might be any ideas? #Unsure #Undiagnosed