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Sorry @everyone

I'm so inconsistent with things even this group gets lost in the shuffle of trying to balance my #MentalHealth physical health, caring for 3 kids on my own while not being a single mom. My hubby is a pipe fitter and goes where the work is, so he's not home often or for very long usually. Right now we're on the verge of losing everything. Im no longer in a cast, I now have a titanium plate and 6 screws in my left ankle, but I still have to baby it some because, only a klutz of ginormous proportions could break the bone of the same leg twice in a month in two different accidents. (I'm that klutz) 🤪🤣. My neuro and I are blasting through the migraine meds trying to set what sticks. She's caught herself up on what my past meds were, and if none of the new rescues work within 2 months we're moving on. So far not a single prevention has worked. It's been an incredibly long and painful road for me physically, mentally, and spiritually but im still fighting, because even when I want to, I refuse to give up.

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Non stop

#migrainewarriors . It's been a shitty and long 2 weeks. The weather has been anywhere from 70 to 32, rain and tornado warnings. Kids have been sick with strep throat and a sinus infection. Then I had strep, now I have a bit of wheezing and a cough. My brain is fried from stress and pain to the point of having cravings for the drugs and drinking from my younger days. Haven't acted on them, thank God, but they're still there. #migrainewarriors

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Im so proud to see how many warriors have joined. I know I haven't made this a very active group but I have plans to change this going forward. I encourage each of you to talk to each other about the battles and struggles but more importantly the victories big and small. #migrainewarriors



@alexandrachathaway welcome to my tiny community lol glad to have you #migrainewarriors


Spread the Word: Migraine is a Spectrum

A few months ago, I stumbled across a blog post titled "The Migraine Continuum (or Spectrum)" by Kerrie Smyres at Migraine.com. If you haven't already, you should check it out.

I was blown away by the article. Smyres articulated something that I think everyone whose life has been deeply impacted by migraine intuitively knows: Migraine is a spectrum.  

It varies wildly in intensity from patient to patient, and we're all at a different place on that continuum between manageable and mild to devastating and debilitating.  

In my nearly four years with chronic migraine, and 19 years with migraine in general, I've been at many different parts of that spectrum. And in all this time, I've never met anyone with exactly the same symptoms, triggers, frequency, or pain experience as me. Migraine has manifested itself differently in each patient I meet. My own migraine is constantly morphing and shifting depending on my choices, my medications, my hormones, and innumerable external factors I have no control over. 

It's essential that we spread the word that migraine is a spectrum for the sake of those of us on the chronic, debilitating end of that spectrum. We're desperately in need of more accommodations, support, and research funding so that we can live functional lives. But migraine isn't being taken seriously enough. 

If you have chronic migraine, my call to action is this: Next time someone dismisses your disease because, "So and so had migraines, and she cured them by doing yoga and eating kale,"  kindly and courageously speak up. Spread the word that migraine is a common but sometimes serious neurological disorder, and it's a spectrum. Not everyone with migraine can get by without real accommodations, medications, and a supportive medical team.  

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What is some things you wish those who didn’t experience migraines wouldn’t say to you? Worst things that have been said to you? #migraineawareness #Migraine #migrainewarriors


Christmas checklist #CheckInWithMe

Thoughtful present list made: check
Presents for family made: check
Flights booked to spend Xmas with family: check
Time spent with family..... Honest effort made, halfcheck
Christmas Eve dinner: not looking likely
Present exchange: holding onto all available reserves to try make it through this one
Christmas lunch: if I don't spend this one in hospital, I'll consider it winning. Likely outcome- spent in bed

Wishing all the #migrainewarriors a merry Christmas, however you land up spending it. Celebrate the small wins if you are able, and don't expect too much from yourself


Has anyone else stopped trying to find a medication that helps your migraines because you're since of being a human guinea pig?? #migrainewarriors

I have tried ever triptan on the market to treat my symptoms after a migraine hits and nothing seems to work completely. I have also tried many prevention medications for chronic migraines and I am sick of the constant side effects with no results! I have cervical disc degeneration and other pain issues as well, and I feel like ever Dr appointment has become pointless and unproductive. I just deal with my migraines by laying in bed for 3-4 days at a time when they strike now. I have had enough of trying something new out when I know ultimately it is going to fail😢 #Migrainewarrior