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    Community Voices

    Migraine hangover

    I hate the post migraine hangover when I'm in such a fog I can't function.
    I had plans with a friend to have a picnic with our toddlers today and I don't know if I can manage.

    Then my anxiety takes over and I feel like a crap mom. My baby deserves a mom who can function to do all the fun things. 🥺 #Migraine #MigraineBrainFog #Anxiety

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    the brain fog... #Migraine #MigraineBrainFog

    I fail to accommodate to the two opposite paradigms of 'the show must go on, life goes on' and 'taking notion of my body and letting it rest'. I cannot help but regularly feel bad for the fact that my migraine condition comes with fatigue and brain fog, lack of concentration, too regularly. I have learned that making it to the pain part of a migraine multiplies the possibility of having a rough postdrome during which I cannot function for about a full day because my brain feels raw and bruise like it just received a beating.

    I am free of this postdrome problem for a while now, and for this while now I have stagnated in life, did not pick up my university courses nor did I whole-heartedly change my paths in life towards something new instead.

    Just me sitting here taking notes of my migraine situation and wondering what I can (or should or want to) start in life now. I feel perfectly overwhelmed without having a migraine attack ;)

    (like...will they come back if I finally make my move on the chest board of life?)

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    Community Voices

    Current Mood

    <p>Current Mood</p>
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    Any recommendations for menstral migraines? #Migraine #Migraine associated vertigo #MigraineBrainFog #ChronicMigraines #Endometriosis

    Since developing chronic pelvic pain with a possible endometriosis diagnosis (still waiting on surgery to confirm) I have been having chronic migraines. It seems to be cyclical and starts just before menstration and will last up to 2 weeks. The luteal phase doesn’t seem to bring on the migraines as much but I always have a headache no matter what time of the month. I’m currently taking amitriptyline for prevention and sumatriptan as an abortive. I’ve started a progesterone birth control pill to see if that helps but it’s too soon to tell. I also take magnesium oxide, omega 3, melatonin, B complex vitamins, and vitamin D. Over the counter pain meds do absolutely nothing. These migraines have made it so I can no longer work, get my degree, or enjoy life. If you have any suggestions or recommendations I’d greatly appreciate it!

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    Why does the world need to be in my pain relief business?

    Since when is Tramadol a controlled substance? Why is it that this “opioid epidemic” has to effect my wellness? I don’t like the side effects of Gabapentin! I honestly don’t like how I feel when I take percocet or Imitrex for migraine. I can’t take Lyrica or Cymbalta for Fibro. My new doc wants me to try Tramadol alongside my migraine maintenance meds and I can’t get it without going back, an hour and a half away, to his office to pick up a piece of paper because they can’t send it to my mail pharmacy. When I do get said piece of paper, I’m only allowed 7 pills (I think) to begin with, because “I’ve never been on them before”. Two things here: when I was at my appointment, one of 3 people in the room was wearing strong perfume or cologne and it immediately sent me into a migraine. I then had a hard time answering all the doctor’s questions correctly, as I was having anxiety and focus issues. I didn’t realize the latter until after I got home. Now several days later, I’m unable to get the medication. I’ve called them. The only solution is to pick up the prescription because it’s a controlled substance. What kind of crap is that?!??? I take SO many prescriptions and vitamins for my issues as it is it really would be nice to have a little relief from a combination or anything.

    Gabapentin is NOT the solution to all pain management. One day we’ll probably begin seeing commercials about it from attorneys for those who have lingering issues from the side effects.

    Thanks. I sincerely needed that moment.

    #PainMedication #Fibromyalgia #MigraineBrainFog #Migraine #Anxiety #PainManagement #SideEffects

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    Does anyone else have acute confusional migraine? They think that's my issue, instead of seizures. Please share your symptoms.