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after Iv stopped taking longatol I gotta say my heads out my ass and I’m now ready for to get off other’s, but my moodswings are terrible for how longs this gonna be


mood swings

I feel cursed to not only have bipolar 2 and borderline personality disorder. But the worst part of it all is dealing three types of things that cause mood monthly period. It is so scary having to deal with 7-9 days of extra hell that takes my anxiety and mood more out of control then ever. Every period, I feel like I hiding and iscolating until I am done because I overreact and feel worse about everything. It is so exhausting. Tomorrow I have an exam and I have not been able to study without getting anxious. I threw up, was out of breath, had my heart racing and almost passed out walking to the store. Girls shouldn’t have to go through pms if they already have bipolar and bpd. I mean is it not hard enough as it is? PMS #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #moodswingsgalore #Bipolar2Disorder

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hi, i’m emily #DepressiveDisorders #Anxiety #BipolarDepression

hi. my name is Emily. I am 24 years old and currently reside somewhere in the U.S.
over my short 24 years, I’ve been through some shit and seen some shit (haven’t we all?)....anyway,
I started seeing a therapist again after 7 years of not. I’ll be the first person to bitch and moan about how “dumb and worthless” therapists are for myself...BUT, PSYCH...I really do need one. I just hate saying that.
anyway, the gal I work with is super dope. I enjoy her a lot. I’ve been discussing my crazy lows and manic highs...and I guess all of my behaviors are becoming more and more apparent to me. I’m truly in a partial downward spiral. I’ve started spending money I don’t have to cope with my extreme need to fulfill some void in myself for 2 seconds. I used to self harm, abuse drugs and alcohol...and now it’s turning into this. it’s a fucking bitch to say the least.
we are working on coping skills and ways around it. I hope I can overcome these things. I hate feeling not in control of my brain. I hate being impulsive. I hate how sensitive and cold I am all at once. I hate feeling so depressed and suicidal and then a few days later being “on top of the world.” how do we become this way? why do we become this way?

Somedays I wish I wasn’t me. or I had a few minutes of absolute clarity not clouded by al the bullshit life has to offer.
#impulsive #Addiction #moodswingsgalore #fml

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Seems weird to be glad I got my period...

After 8 months on hormone replacement therapy, I finally had a normal menstrual cycle this month. It seems like a little thing, but I spent a long time having increasingly erratic mood swings and depersonalization on occasion. I thought it was a change in my mental health, but my psyciatrist encourages me to look for a medical explanation. Turns out I have almost no testosterone in my body. Even women should have a certain level of testosterone, but I had way too little, so I was diagnosed with a hormone imbalance, likely due to changes in my brain. I'm now using birth control, not to prevent pregnancy, but to alter my hormone levels. It took a lot of doctors and a lot of medications and a lot of discouragement, but this month was the old normal cycle I remember. So yes, I'm doing the happy dance. It's a little thing, but I feel more like myself. #HormoneReplacementTherapy #hormoneimbalance #moodswingsgalore #BrainAbnormality #alzheimers #AlzheimersDisease #earlyonsetalzheimersdisease #GeneticMutation