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#Depression #MentalHealth #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #motherdaughter
I read my adult daughters diary.
Yes I know invasion of privacy 😥
I should have just let it go.
She wrote that she thinks I hate her and I am too hard on her. 😥
I want to have a better relationship with her than my mother and I had/have.
I guess I have some work to do.

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Becoming a WARRIOR

Since I was a little girl, I have witnessed the strength and courage that energized my mother, who left every sorrow and pain in the past. Who would work unyieldingly to obtain her goals, who was the great warrior from whom I learned all the values that are today fundamental pillars of my every day life. #Gastroparesis #ParkinsonsDisease #Fybromyalgia #Anxiety #Depression #motherdaughter #iloveyoumom


Calling all mothers with children with mental health issues or daughters who battle their mothers!!

Not that I like to label myself often but I have #BipolarDisorder and #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder . I take VERY good care of myself. I take my meds every day... I go to group therapy twice a week. Unfortunately I can’t work so I am on disability which is a very small income. Well my mother expects the world from me. She wants me to work. And pay for my phone and pay for this and that and the list never ends. She says I’m not “well” enough and I need to “get better”. Like I’m not going to ever “get better” I can manage my symptoms but I’m never going to “cure” my bipolar especially. #motherdaughter


All Smiles, part 1

I took off the dress and put on my comfy jeans and a sweater. I did about ten minutes of calm coloring. My mom found me hiding out and saw the tears. She reminded me I can take something for the anxiety I was having, and she brought me a glass of water. She told me to allow like a half hour for it to kick in.

That was really a perfect gift from her. She understands now. She sees what the real values are, in feeling good and being together, rather than looking well put together but feeling like you'd rather be anywhere else.

Thanks Mom.
#Anxiety #Depression #Gratitude #Empathy #calm #values #motherdaughter