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Becoming a WARRIOR

Since I was a little girl, I have witnessed the strength and courage that energized my mother, who left every sorrow and pain in the past. Who would work unyieldingly to obtain her goals, who was the great warrior from whom I learned all the values that are today fundamental pillars of my every day life. #Gastroparesis #ParkinsonsDisease #Fybromyalgia #Anxiety #Depression #motherdaughter #iloveyoumom

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The story and meaning behind this new ink...

So, I have #Gastroparesis for 6 years now. Idiopathic Refractory Gastroparesis to be exact. It has changed my life in ways I never knew were possible. Never ever did I dream that I would cherish food so much, after not being able to keep food down for years. It has cost me relationships, jobs, hobbies, events, family name it. It’s robbed me of a normal life.

Fast forward six years to the present day. My mother gets diagnosed with #ParkinsonsDisease a few months ago. A woman who had worked her ass off her whole life and recently just retired about three years ago. A strong, independent, powerful yet gentle, stern yet easy going, incredibly amazing mother. It has also been quickly stealing her from a normal, happy retired life.

Unfortunately we do not have a lot of family left. A couple of cousins, a few very close to us and the casual ones. We are extremely fortunate to have one in particular that is not only my best friend, one of my biggest supporters, my biggest fan, my rock and helping hand. He got me this tattoo this past weekend. I have many tattoos but this one is the most powerful, by far the most meaningful and emotional for me. These two ribbons symbolize so much more than just the diseases they stand for. You see they are a reminder of my mothers and my daily life struggles and the strength we sometimes think we don’t possess but in fact not only do we possess but use to conquer every day life now. #Gastroparesis #ParkinsonsDisease #iloveyoumom #Family

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Not a great day today. #emotional #momsbirthday #worriedaboutdad

Today is my Mom's birthday, she passed away April 21, 2018. It's been a year and a half and sometimes it still feels like the first day my Dad told me. She was 82 when she passed and she looked and acted 62. She would have been 84 today and normally she and my Dad (86) would have done a fast walk to the gym then walked back home. They were married for 60 years and the most wonderful example of what a great marriage is.
Mom was in the hospital because she had pneumonia, she was doing well and then ended up with MRSA. She was in ICU and they just couldn't save her. One of the nurses slipped up and told me that she had actually vomited in her sleep and choked on it.
The attachment above is something I have only shared with my Husband and my Mom. I'm sure there are many others that feel the same way I did when I found this. I could have written it myself although I didn't.
So before your head hits your pillow tonight, if you pray or not, please be thankful for your Mother. I think about mine every day, I miss mine every day, I love mine every day.
#I miss you mom

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