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#miniaturemadness #cutelittlethings #MightyArtRoom #newhobby !💜

Been trying a new art form for me… making miniatures. Started with a rock with some things I gathered from the beach and air dry clay. Then a couple shelves turned into mini terrains for gifts. It’s extremely challenging for my body and hands but awesome for my mind and anxiety. I just get lost in my little worlds and take a moment to enjoy the little things in life💜 I use as much natural stuff as I can but my craft collection has grown quick due to this new healthy addiction. Figure try it out before the hands completely fail. I’ll post a couple pics of each with descriptions to inspire others ideas👍🏻 this first is a rock my son painted on and no longer wanted. I used shells, rocks , clay , wood, couple fake shrubs and moss. I made a fire pit, bench and well. The top of the well is a real crab shell with moss. Any one else love miniatures or crafting miniatures or fairy garden type things?