Hey Mighties 👋🏼

I actually was not planning to post this as a new thought, but posting accidentally because I just stumbled across the concept of posting a new thought a moment ago. I wad trying tio resound tio another post, yet somehow ended up here.

I just wasn't to check in because I know this is a difficult time for everyone with all that's going on, but for various reasons, I know this can be an extremely difficult time for many of us here on The Mighty due to our unique illnesses and circumstances.

So... how are you all doing??

Feel free to share your thoughts, feelings, coping mechanisms, etc.… anything that you feel could help a fellow Mighty, or anything you need help with at this time. I know many of us are feeling lonely right now with the isolation and restrictions, but we have this amazing community full of support, love, and inspiration, so let's continue to be present and accountable to one another as much as we individually & collectively can be.

Here's what's going on with me…

This really is a difficult time for me because with numerous immune and autoimmune illnesses, I don't get out the house much since I'm not working right now. I've been preparing to work for the 1st time in 5 years, but having challenges with my lungs (asthma, bronchitis, ABPA, allergies) and respiratory complications all around. That means I definitely don't need to be outdoors, but they have been working on our kitchen floor for the last 2 weeks, which means I can't prepare meals in our kitchen, and there are only but so many foods I can microwave. I'm going stir-crazy with wanting to get out of the house and avoid all the drilling, hammering, sawing and more… yet it's not safe for me to go outdoors.
I'm also preparing to relocate from the East Coast to Central Time Zone in the next several months, and I can't get anything done in this apartment with the work being done, nor do I really has space and opportunity to move around the way I've recently regained strength and energy to do so.

I watch a lot of YouTube since I can't study because of all the noise, but I'm getting tired of watching YouTube now as well. I study a lot, I don't do too much TV and Internet, so all of this is driving me nuts.

Frustration and irritation or just the beginning.

❤ Ashley A.

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