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Now, Keep Going #ThisIsMyBrave #nostigmas #livingstigmafree

On Monday, October 08, 2018, I participated in the This is My Brave event in Boise. I suffer from biloplar1, PTSD, OCD anxiety, and hypersomnia. I stood up in front of a crowd of over 100 people, including my husband and former co-workers. I told my story of the depths mental illness sunk me to, so far down I tried electroconvulsive therapy ( #ECT). I discussed the risks, the damages, and would I do it over again. I felt a sense of redemption. Others told me it was powerful. I hope to continue telling my story to fight the stigma mental illness, hospitalization, and treatments that exist.

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#MightyPoets I am #beyondworthy because..

I’ve been to hell yet I am still living and breathing
I am beyond worthy because I’ve been through the unimaginable pain yet still able find the humor in it

I am beyond worthy because I am as strong as titanium; climbing up this deep, dark well with blood and tears, barefoot, bare-hands, without ladder, every second of my waking life

I am beyond worthy because despite the cracks allover my bones, I am still in one piece

I am beyond worthy because I could still reach out to people who need me with my arms full of scars

I am beyond worthy because no matter how many times they have been blindly robbed me, I still have the courage to tear down the thick brick wall and building a window

I am beyond worthy because as much as death wanted me, life always won

I am beyond worthy because I am not a victim; I am a Warrior
#beyondworthy #MightyPoets #Depression #MentalIllness #MajorDepressiveDisorder #MDD #AnxietyDisorder #Suicide #Poem #Poetry #MentalHealth #nostigmas #TheMighty #warrior #mentalhealthwarrior