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I work too hard #Family #Parenting #Selfcare #legpain

So, I got up at six, showered got dressed prepared breakfast and lunch and sent the three little ones off to school (yay for in building learning- so important especially for special Ed) went to the oncologist, waited forever and got a “ see you next year” I got home, got groceries and prepared dinner(baked chicken) now I need to pick up in fifteen minutes. My legs are absolutely throbbing. It’s insane Idk what to do about these achy legs- and the doc wants me to go back to work (ha ha- not before 3 months heck no) thanks for listening
#Pain #OffMyChest #PtenHamartomaTumorSyndrome #legs #breastoncologist #Kids #Family #legs #overwork #exhaustion

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I seem to be obsessed with the word sorry. #MentalHealth

I say sorry for so many things. I will even say sorry for other peoples choices or problems as if they were my fault.
I don't understand why and I hate it. I just can't help the urge to apologise for breathing. The little voice in my head will tell me its my fault and before I know it I am deeply sorry for not doing something that nobody said I should do. I once even apologised to my boyfriend for sleeping when I should have tidied his room. He had to persuade me that it wasn't my problem.
I wish I could save the word sorry for occasions which actually merit it, it would mean so much more if it was only said once. Maybe I can make the problem go away by apologising to it? I wish it was that easy.

Maybe its one of my 103 diagnosises. Either way its peeving me off like no tomorrow and one day I will make sorry really mean sorry instead of me using it to desperately make people not hate me.

Its a bit depressing but I needed to get it off my chest and let any other compulsive apologisers know that they are not alone.

#MentalHealth #Kindness #Together #OffMyChest

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My story #OffMyChest

My name is Christine. I am 27 and I have a husband, two dogs, a toddler and a baby on the way. I also have anxiety and depression. I’ve dealt with my depression and anxiety since I was about 10. I buried it inside at around 18, it resurfaced around 26 after giving birth to my son. Now, I’m pregnant again and still haven’t faced my or . I’m trying, my husband knows it and he’s being so patient and perfect. I love my family and I’d be screwed without them. We’re moving to a new city and I’m not t o know anyone, closest family member will be about 2hrs away and that’s my mother in law. I’m hopeful, at least. I just thought I’d share a bit about myself. Hopefully, the next post won’t be so scattered. I have so many thoughts and emotions, I just can’t seem to form them correctly.

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