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Not sure what this is...

My latest bruise, non-trauma. Been getting these on and off for a few months. They are getting worse. But they do go away... not really sure what's going on. Thoughts appreciated! #Undiagnosed #bruising #legpain


Leg Pain

Hey Fibro Friends,
If your posterior leg muscles feel as if they are constantly burning as if being pulled/stretched doing exercise...

(1) Any helpful suggestions?
(2) Any wording you’ve shared with a medical provider to explain this?

Mine feel like it every single day. Grrrr


Sleep deprivation

Been a frustrating week. Not sure if it’s linked to my chest pain but I just drown in mucus at night this past week and I’m struggling to get enough sleep. Wish I knew what was causing it so I could get it to stop.

Also had a flare of the leg pain today and yesterday which was also frustrating and painful, but I’m just glad it’s not every day like it used to be. I mean it’s been almost a year since it was, but I don’t think I’ll ever forget.

I swear wearing thick socks on top of one pair of socks has helped it significantly as the extra pressure aids circulation and my flares have been so few since I started wearing them (though I had left my job at around the same time, which helped my back pain a great deal as well, so it’s hard to tell).

One of my school friends got in touch with me today which was nice. Haven’t spoken to them properly in nearly 5 years. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long now.

#Pain #ChronicPain #legpain


For those of you with bladder issues, what are your experiences with water tablets?

Hey, everyone. I hope you’re all okay and staying stage during this crazy pandemic. I was hoping I could get some advice?

Since August I’ve been having problems with fluid retention in my legs. They get very swollen and very painful. They usually stay like that for a week or two, then it completely disappears... And comes back some weeks later. This has happened three times now (currently experiencing the third episode as I’m writing this). The last time it happened, my doctor arranged for me to have some blood tests to check for fluid around my heart. The result came back with only a little, so it’s a low rated risk of heart failure.

But that same doctor said that if it happened again she would likely put me on water tablets, like furosemide.

But... I already pee so so much. During the day it’s nearly once every hour and during the night I have been known to get up THIRTEEN times! Which is crazy all by it’s self. The way that water tablets work is that it makes the fluid in your legs get peed out, instead of just sitting in the limb. So, naturally, water tablets make you pee A LOT.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to cope with it. It’s hard enough now, having to pee all the time and then worry every time I leave the house in case I end up not being close enough to a bathroom...

What do you think I should do? I wear compression stockings and I do leg exercises and massage them as best as I can.

Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated. Stay safe, my lovelies.

#chronicillnesswarrior #Chronicpainwarrior #POTS #EDS #NAFLD #BPD #interstitalcystitis #Diabetes #FluidRetention #help #Advice #legpain #staysafe


I work too hard #Family #Parenting #Selfcare #legpain

So, I got up at six, showered got dressed prepared breakfast and lunch and sent the three little ones off to school (yay for in building learning- so important especially for special Ed) went to the oncologist, waited forever and got a “ see you next year” I got home, got groceries and prepared dinner(baked chicken) now I need to pick up in fifteen minutes. My legs are absolutely throbbing. It’s insane Idk what to do about these achy legs- and the doc wants me to go back to work (ha ha- not before 3 months heck no) thanks for listening
#Pain #OffMyChest #PtenHamartomaTumorSyndrome #legs #breastoncologist #Kids #Family #legs #overwork #exhaustion


Has anyone ever had this before?

I had a really mild heart attack Around the 7th of this month. Wasn't too awful. But during my Hospital stay my leg became completely unusable. I was able to move it and walk But I stayed in the bed And wasn't supposed to walk for so long By the time they wanted me to get out of bed I could barely lift my knee. And it hurts worse than anything I've ever felt before in my life.They would not let me do any tests on it because That wasn't the reason I came to the hospital in the first place plus I think they realize that they are Responsible for it. I liSet one of your limbs won't work anymoreve by mysel And it hurts like crazyf And I do have some help. Not enough In this situation I kind of needround-the-clock help. I was told off lots things But the only thing I can maybe relate to is that it's extreme sciatica. #sciatica #legpain #Pain


The worst it’s been

So normally while the #legpain is bad, it’s still manageable. I can normally just put my compression socks on and it’ll go away.

Today it was persistent and worse. Compression socks didn’t work for hours. It was making my leg stuff too. And it was just so painful that it caused physical side effects like nausea and lack of appetite.

My family is saying that it’s because of my weight (I don’t weigh enough), my lack of exercise and my hypermobility. I’m not really sure what to do. I’ve spent the past two weeks (or so) trying to be more active but it’s honestly just made it worse.

Going to try some exercises but I can’t shake this feeling that it’s not as simple as that (though I can’t tell if it’s #HealthAnxiety , which I suffer with).

Going to keep refraining myself from calling the doctors until I’ve tried the exercises and/or drug myself up with paracetamol for a week, which was their suggestion before. They did say to call if my pain got worse but they also suggested to try exercises which I haven’t done.

Frustrating times and it’s had a knock-on effect on my #MentalHealth . Someone in my family said that it may be something I just have to live with and the thought of that is something I’ve been trying to ignore. I don’t want to accept I’ll be in pain forever, but I know I’ll have to one day.


Questions, questions.

One of the things I regret not asking when they asked if I had any questions before discharging me, was how to deal with my #legpain .

This past week or so, it’s been back with a vengeance and I don’t like it. And I’m also not sure how to deal with it other than wearing multiple pairs of socks when possible.

#BackPain still here. Also had a massive headache today which was fun


pains....idk what to do...

I’ve been having severe back pain and leg pains... and it’s been getting worse.... my doctors have been wanting to do an MRI and my insurance keeps denying it and they need it so we can decide what to do from there forward. I’m sad and frustrated because without that MRI. we may never know what’s causing my back pains and leg pains every day. I’m so tired of this. #Depression #Pains #backpains #legpain #help #sad #Idkwhatswrongwithme