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Stress and online chat counselling


I am Krusha Bhagat, currently a student pursuing M.A in clinical psychology. I am reaching out with regards to my dissertation.

I am currently studying individuals between the ages of 18-40 who have faced stress and either opted for online video counselling or online chat counselling for my dissertation. If any of you has used online counselling, please fill this form.

Thank you for your valuable time and consideration.


Stressful situations- How You Really Deal with Stress Matters.

Have a good day!


Krusha Bhagat.

#MentalHealth #Stress #onlinecounselling

Stressful situations- How You Really Deal with Stress Matters.

The following study it to study how different interventions- online video counseling or online chat counseling- help an individual in Well-being and stress. Only participate in this study if you are: 1) Between the ages of 18-40 2) Have faced stressful situations at any point in life. 3) You either have or have not opted for any help intervention for the same 4) If you have opted for any kind of therapy- online video or online chat counseling, the sessions were pursued and stress was resolved to an extent. 5) Have not been diagnosed with any mental or physical illness 6) Can understand and comprehend English Participation in this study is completely voluntary. If you decide not to participate there will not be any negative consequences. You may withdraw from participating at any point. The researcher will maintain the confidentiality of the responses and the data will strictly be used for research purposes only. In case of any questions regarding the study, please contact me at: Surveyswap
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Invisible Army

This is a love letter to all the 53 million family caregivers out there. XOXO HZ
Dear “Invisible Army”,
As we approach National Family Caregiver Month I want you to know I am here for you.
I am your advocate, defender, and non-judgemental friend you may lean on.
I hear your secret cries in the shower, cars, and bathroom stalls alone.
I understand the frustration and sadness of what was and what is.
I see YOU when you are in the shadows and behind the scenes making sure your loved ones have the spotlight as you find your light fading.
All 53 million of you.
I feel your isolation, pain, guilt, shame, and loss of self.
I share in your triumph of having 15 minutes alone.
I grant you grace when you are barely treading water.
I will emphasize self-compassion for you are only human.
I will breathe with you when the doctor brushes you off, because how could you who are on the clock 24/7 and deal with crisis after crisis on a daily basis possibly know what is going on with your loved one when you didn’t choose to go into this field.
I will advocate for you when work questions “Again? Didn’t something just happen?” Yes, I will say with you and say yes it did just happen and it will happen again and again and thank you for the support and shared understanding.
I will not apologize anymore with you for the chaos that is ours and embrace it.
I hand you my voice to advocate for yourself.
I give permission to you to start putting boundaries so you may find your joy again.
I empower you to dig into your trauma and acknowledge your grief.
I will hold this safe space for you to begin your forgiveness journey of self and others.
I gift you light and love to fill the cracks of your broken heart and spirit so you may begin to rebuild both to become stronger and greater.
I laugh with you at the healing power of dark humor.
I will challenge you to find the beauty in this brutal life we lead.
I will gladly conduct this hot mess express and advance us into the light.
I want you to know I am here for you.
I am your advocate, defender, and non-judgemental friend you may lean on.
One of Fifty-three million.
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Online Therapy

Today I signed up, and paid, for a month of online counselling. It will be my first experience of therapy as I have always felt it wont help and always said that adding in yet another appointment to go to would cause me more stress. Well, I can't say that this time. As for whether it will help, I don't know. We will see when the month is through.

My only concern... is therapy really as beneficial, assuming it would ever be, when conducted online? Is it going to be better because I will be more open?

Has anyone got any positive stories to share? #onlinecounselling #OnlineTherapy #Depression #Anxiety #Stress