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Online therapy

Has anyone tried online therapy? Or an app? I have been going through a rough time and think it may be time to talk to someone. Any advice would help. Thanks! #OnlineTherapy


New Group - Therapy Abuse

#OnlineTherapy - I am hoping it is ok to post this here. I have started a new group called Therapy Abuse. As a survivor and someone who has been in a position to see just how prevalent yet hidden this problem is - it is imperative we have a safe place to talk about it. And yes this type of abuse can and has happened thru online therapy. Join us if you need this type of space.

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Online therapy or in person therapy. Which do you prefer?

One of the great adaptations that has occurred over the last few years, particularly during the Covid pandemic, is the advent of online therapy. It has become commonplace and many insurance companies will even cover online sessions. Often it can be more affordable than in person therapy and many people like the convenience and anonymity that it provides. But it isn't everyone's cup of tea.

I transitioned to online therapy during the pandemic but found it to be very difficult to connect to my therapist (crappy Wi-fi aside). I also found myself getting easily distracted and unable to express myself as easily. I was grateful when my therapist allowed me to come back to the office.

What has your experience been? Do you prefer one over the other? If so, why? Tell us your thoughts below!

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Online therapy experience or recommendations?

I have a local therapist however I literally have maybe one zoom visit with her every other month if that because she “books up quick”. I like her but I need help and like the latest major trauma that I’m dealing with (surprise divorce, SA that I was unaware of caused by him drugging me, being terminal… see my earlier post if you’re interested in that story) her advice to me for coping the other day was “Be safe and don’t take anymore drinks from him. I can fit you in, in a month and a half.” Mind you I’m having constant panic attacks, SI, physically ill from the anxiety and no medication because in August the hospital took me off my meds because of my heart and my therapist never put the referral in for me to the the psychologist to get new meds. I wasn’t given the opportunity to ask again because we ran out of time and my primary care doesn’t prescribe those. I was wondering about using an online service? I have Medicaid for insurance. Do online services take that? I want therapy and at least a prescription for something to help when the anxiety hits. I have PTSD, OCD and Major Depression and all of it is super triggered right now and I’m really struggling to not reach out to my estranged husband (abuser) and struggling to not lose my mind. Any suggestions of services anyone has used or uses? #Therapy #Anxiety #PTSD #MajorDepression #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #OnlineTherapy #GettingHelp

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How to Deal With A Partner Who Has Trust Issues #Trust #relationship #counselling #OnlineTherapy

Trust is absolutely non-negotiable. It's one of the major pillar of any healthy relationship. However, having a partner with trust issues doesn’t mean you can’t have a healthy relationship, it just complicate things. are meant for you. Plus, keep in mind that this is a long (potentially life-long) process that will have its ups and downs.

Please follow these suggestions are meant for you.

a. Be Trustworthy- you need to earn trust by doing your bit.

b. Be A Supporter, Not A Fixer for every action of your partner

c. Be Patient- good patient improves interpersonal relationship and build trust.

d. Provide Loving, Positive Reassurance to your partner

e. Don't Tolerate Abuse and Don't abuse

f. Be Vulnerable and don't make your partner vulnerable

g. Seek support for self and provide support


Does anyone use a online therapist? Is there a company/agency you go through? Do you go through an app? What works best with online therapists?

In my Bipolar 1 journey, I have found that regular office visits just aren’t for me for many reasons. My family, friends and yes, even my hairdresser, are a great support system that I have in tact. However, sometimes I cross a fine line when I’m at a whits end and dump on them too much without even realizing it. My support groups have fizzled out due to COVID. Support groups tried to sustain via Zoom, but it wasn’t sustainable. I’m a mess right now and need some help. I need to turn to counseling/therapy. I don’t want to ruin things with my support system. Suggestions?#OnlineTherapy #OnlineCounseling


I need Advice/Help

It's been awhile since I have been here.
But I have been seeing my therapist every month now almost a year. But I feel so dis-connected by my therapist. I feel like I am giving museld advice to them and they just nod and agree to me. And give little sentence feed back. I just finished a session with them and they were nodding off and falling asleep. And they were getting agitated. And I understand we have off days. But I havent seen tgem in 2 months and needed their help/advice. And I got nothing back. I want to change therapist but I am afraid how to confront my current therapist that I want to see another therapist. Personally for me I don't think this therapist is giving me the help I need #Therapy #Therapist #OnlineTherapy


Round 4 with a new therapist

It's been a rough year trying to find a therapist... One of my reasons for coming back to my home country was to have access to consistent therapy in my native language. Unfortunately, that has not been my journey so far.

The first (and persisting) issue has been finances - therapy isn't cheap! If I had a sufficient budget, I think it probably would have been easier to find a competent therapist more quickly. Sometimes therapists who work for subsidized services are not the same quality (not always!!).

So last summer, I finally had enough income to start looking for a therapist. I sent an intake form to a local centre that offered subsidized services and accepted the first therapist I was matched to. This therapist was male...which was the first mistake. He was not specialized in trauma therapy and ended up doing me a lot of harm in the three months I worked with him.

In the wake of that, I was fortunate to have access to eight weeks of free therapy sessions with a therapist from my depression/anxiety group with the local public mental health service. She was the first mental health professional to ever acknowledge that I had experienced trauma, that I was having a trauma response, and that I needed trauma therapy. I wish I could have kept working with her, but there were limitations due to the service's regulations.

Following that, I found another subsidized service that had only female therapists and that specialized in trauma, and I signed up with them. The therapist that was available was not very responsive to my stated needs, was very chatty, and seemed to want to be more of a friend than a trained professional. We had three sessions together and I think the last straw for me was when she told me that I was doing fine because I could still go to work and some of her clients couldn't. Just not helpful or respectful.

So then I took a month off because I couldn't cope with trying again.

Last week, I signed up with BetterHelp (online counselling) because they had a one month free promo and it seemed worth a shot. I'm proud of myself for not accepting the first therapist I was matched with when she didn't have the expertise and experience that I was looking for. I had my first online video session with a second therapist yesterday and I think it will be ok. She is very willing to take it slow and to build up trust and safety. She understood why that was important to me and just let it be.

I'm feeling hopeful - but hope is also a scary thing.

Here's to round four!

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