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    Open Enrollment 2022

    Requesting Memes About Healthcare and Health Insurance, Please.

    Healthcare Open Enrollment Is Stressing Me Out.

    A Health Insurance Broker Helps Me Each Year. I Started Out on Medicare Original The First Four Years. It Was Horrible for My Needs, Did Not Cover A lot of Labs I Regularly Need Conducted for Monitoring My Health.

    2021- I’ve Been on United Healthcare AARP with Optum RX. I Don’t Care for Optum Speciality RX. This Week They Made an Error Which Resulted in Me Not Receiving My Xolair Injections. If You Happen to Like United/Optum, Good it Works for You but it Doesn’t for Me.

    2022- The Big Challenging Are Healthcare Plans Having Networks Which is Very Difficult When You’re Not in a Big City.
    Many of Our FEW Hospitals Do Not Have Many Specialists.

    Today-We Were Looking at a Plan by BlueCross and BlueShield. The Plan has a Monthly Premium of $169 + the Part B Medicare Monthly Premium Which is $170.10 for 2022. Then I’m Told The Plan Does Not Cover Epipens or Hydroxyzine!?!

    Is it Legal to Not Cover Epipens?! I’m Really Upset About This. I Requested The Insurance Broker to Call and Very The Information.
    Monday I Was Prescribed Ketotifen Compounded for Chronic Urticaria. I Learned Today It’s $90 Per Month and Not Covered By Health Insurance.
    #openenrollment #openenrollment2022 #2022 #HealthInsurance #EpiPen #chronicurticaria #Urticaria #spoonielife #Medicare


    #openenrollment #Stress #Confusion Is anyone else totally struggling with this?

    I am sperated and my wife always took care of this mountain of paperwork. I feel like if I could manage this then if course I'd be able to work, ya? I feel so lame. #confused #stressed #Procrastinate

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