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    Gentle reminder -

    that if you're out here feeling as though you haven't had a "big year" this year, thats okay.

    While social media becomes flooded with posts from our pals this week about how massive 2022 has been for them, it can be easy to feel a little deflated watching the endless highlights reel of handsome triumphs and successes.

    For some of us, fatigue stood in the way of our goals, pain stole some of our best laid plans, perhaps we had to make sacrifices, perhaps our lives were picked up and thrown in ways we did not see coming. All of these things are okay.

    Let's reframe for a second and consider all of the things we did achieve.

    Getting up each day.

    Still being here.

    Fighting for an answer.

    Not giving up.

    Eating a meal. Or two, or three.

    Advocating for ourselves.

    Advocating for others.

    Reaching out to someone.


    Helping someone else.

    Being an incredible friend, colleague, parent, relative.

    Loving ourselves.

    Forgiving ourselves.

    Looking ourselves in the eye and-

    Still getting up - every, single, day.

    May our strength to hold on and our love for each other continue to be bigger than the waves that try to break us.

    If you're reading this, thank you for being here. It's been a big ol' year. x

    #MentalHealth #ChronicIllness #InvisibleIllness #2022

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    ° " A Line In The Sand Part ...III " ° #Poetry

    ° " We Are Now At The End Of #2022 ... And Yet Are We Happy With Ourselve's... And Our Mental Health ?... The Stage's That We Must Go Through To A Better Tomarrow... We All Try So Hard To Become Better Human Being's. In Our Live's That We Are Just Never Enough To Other People. Weather In Our Deep Realtionship's Or With Our Loved One's... ▪︎ " WE WILL NEVER BE ENOUGH IN THIER EYE'S " ▪︎... Let's Hope That #2023 Will Be Our Win's Within Our Progress With Our Mental And Physical Health Journey's... "° #Poetry ☆SKADI KVITRAVN☆

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    Greetings #MightyLeaders how are you? It’s been a minute and I hope you all had pleasant holidays!! I wanted to let you know that I submitted my first story of #2022 for publication. I accidentally forgot to put Mighty Leader on my submission - my apologies! I hope my story will be published - it’s on an important topic of representation! #CheckInWithMe #Depression #Anxiety #PTSD #Hydrocephalus

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    Hello my #MightyTogether followers!! I have just submitted my first #TheMighty story of #2022 for publication!! I hope it gets published!! In any event my hope is that this story will be far-reaching!! #PTSD #Depression #Anxiety

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    What are you looking forward to in #2022

    Hello my #MightyINsighters what are your plans for 2022? Could be big or small. Let me know in the comments! #Adoption #Wanted #Chosen #Loved #CheckInWithMe #CheerMeOn


    i'm not sure i feel optimistic about #2022 being a better year.#COVID19 #TheMighty

    With a 2 week lockdown in Canada. (Not a full lockdown). It brings me back to march 2020 where it was only gonna be 2 weeks, then things be normal again. I have #Anxiety everything will be shut down again. EHH. I just wish everyone that can will get vaccinated. So they can keep themselfs safe and other people. I understand some people have reasons to do with health reasons that can't. Getting this shot doesn't mean you won't be getting covid, just means if you do won't be has serious. Anyways i really hope the world can remain back to it's normal period. Just getting tired of this all.#Depression

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    Day1 of 2022 #2022

    Day 1 stay in the now is so important to try and do can be difficult at times today’s challenge


    Happy new year#2022 Hope 2022 will be a better year.#Depression

    I hope it's a good year for everyone. All the blessings and good cheer. Have a jolly good day.

    I feel sad this morning. I don't know if it was from talking to my cousin last night. This app sometimes i think maybe could effect my#MentalHealth doesn't help me. It could of been The passing of #bettywhite I really don't usually feel this sad effected over a death of someone famous;

    Anyways have a nice day/

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    Happy New Year!! #2022

    Happy New Year. What is your resolution?