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Help, can't find post


There was a post in my feed this morning about procrastinating that I commented on. It had a link included in it (obviously pertaining to procrastination), that I honestly wanted to read but just was not able to at the moment due to taking my children to school. I thought I liked and saved it, but can't remember for sure on that. But now, I can't find it anywhere not even in my profile where it shows stuff that I've commented on. Unfortunately I don't remember who posted it (or the name of the article the post linked to).

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When are you most productive? #52SmallThings

Figuring out when you’re most productive during the day is one of the key steps to fighting procrastination and getting things done. You’re more likely to want to power through and finish your task(s) at hand than leave them for later if you’re feeling energized and ready to go. Drop the emoji that best represents when you feel most productive in the comments below.

🌞 Morning
⛅️ Midday
🌒 Early evening
🌙 Late at night

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What is one thing you’re currently procrastinating on and why? #52SmallThings

We all have something on our to-do list that we’ve been putting off for one reason or another. Maybe it’s calling to schedule a doctor’s appointment. Maybe it’s putting away the laundry or putting on clean sheets (Who wants to wrestle with a fitted sheet, anyway?). Share what you’ve been procrastinating on and why down below.

(BONUS: Come back later today and let us know if you managed to cross that task off your to-do list.)

P.S. The word “procrastination” is derived from the Latin verb procrastinare — to put off until tomorrow. It also has roots in the Ancient Greek word “akrasia” which means doing something against your better judgment. There’s an air of self-awareness when we procrastinate: we know we are avoiding doing something and that it’s probably not a great idea. But we believe in you, Mighties. You got this! 🎉

#MentalHealth #ChronicIllness #Parenting #RareDisease #Disability #Anxiety #Depression #BipolarDisorder #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Trauma #PTSD #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #ChronicPain #Migraine #Fibromyalgia #AutoimmuneDisease #Autism #procrasination #Procrastinate #ActOnIt #Selfcare #CheckInWithMe


procrastination #Work #Procrastinate

hey guys.. i need some help. i'm in my last year of apprenticeship as a social worker and i have to write a skilled work.. and i always tend to procrastinate and avoid to write it. i know i should and i get anxiety and feel so under pressure. it's a category i like to research or read about in my "free time".. but when it comes to work or something that has to do with work i HAVE to do, i avoid it. yesterday i started crying because i thought i won't make it anyway and i'm so bad at this. i wish someone could sit next to me to calm me down and help me while i'm writing it.. i know i have to do it anyway and i know you might say "just sit in front of your laptop and write, it's not that hard".. any advice? i start crying and hyperventilating again even though there are still 2 weeks to go..


#openenrollment #Stress #Confusion Is anyone else totally struggling with this?

I am sperated and my wife always took care of this mountain of paperwork. I feel like if I could manage this then if course I'd be able to work, ya? I feel so lame. #confused #stressed #Procrastinate

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Is it normal to #Procrastinate about eating?

I have a history with anxiety, depression, and anorexia. Even though I am 7 years clean, I sometimes have mini relapses, and procrastinate heavily about simple tasks, especially when I am stressed. Like cleaning my car out, paying bills, or eating. #CheckInWithMe