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What's New in Medicare
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Choose the best Medicare drug plan for you in 2024. Enroll until Dec. 7.

Medicare's plan comparison tool for your area (no login needed):

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Chronic Pain Help 01/23!

Read this! It is set to begin Jan. 2023 " originalText=" "> #Medicare #Medicaid


Pdoc Retired, Need Xanax Refill!

My psychiatrist retired at the beginning of this month, and I was looking for a new one or a psychiatric nurse practitioner before that, since he sent mail to his patients to let them know, but I've had no luck finding one who takes Medicare is affordable, and is taking new patients. I'm going to run out of Xanax very soon, and I'm rationing them as it is. I'm suffering with a lot more anxiety, as such. I'm trying to get a new physician now, having no luck with psychiatrists. I need a new physician, anyway. However, I have to wait till Monday now, and this is a hard weekend for me.



This is Ridiculous!

My psychiatrist retired a few days ago. I have been trying to find a new one for several weeks, as well as a therapist and other kinds of doctors. I wanted a female. Nope! I looked at ratings and reviews, looked for someone who seemed to be a good match, and had to find someone who took Medicare and the fee would be as cheap as possible. Well under $100. And I want telepsychiatry. Call after call, I'm told they don't take Medicare, aren't taking new patients, cost too much, and/or some other reason I can't use them. I even called psychiatrists with bad reviews! I called the freakin' clinic I used to go to that was utter crap, and, as one reviewer said, you get a long poop load of ads for all their connected services! Then they tell you they have a longer than usual wait because of a high call volume! I was at 20% battery power, and calls are skipping (bad wifi at this motel), so I hung up. I have one psychiatrist I left a message for, so I hope he calls me back and can take me. However, my phone will soon be on the wireless charger because I don't have much battery power, and I won't be able to use my phone. I need my meds refilled soon! And I still have to deal with the ticket I got for the car accident (see previous post on my profile), and a ridiculous number of other things to do. Why does it have to be so hard? #Psychiatrist #meds #Anxiety #OCD #Depression #Medicare

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What big purchases have you put off because of health care costs?

Here’s the harsh reality that so many are unwilling to confront: Living with a health condition or disability is incredibly expensive.

Between insurance premiums, copays, prescription costs, transportation, mobility aids, out-of-pocket treatments, making accessibility changes to a home (like building a ramp or having to purchase a new vehicle), surgeries — the list goes on — it doesn’t leave much room in a budget for big purchases; like buying a house, a new car, pursuing a degree, or having a wedding.

Have you had to put off a big ticket item/experience because of your personal medical costs? What was it?

#CheckInWithMe #MentalHealth #Anxiety #Depression #Caregiving #Disability #Medicare #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #RareDisease #Wheelchair #Cancer

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Open Enrollment 2022

Requesting Memes About Healthcare and Health Insurance, Please.

Healthcare Open Enrollment Is Stressing Me Out.

A Health Insurance Broker Helps Me Each Year. I Started Out on Medicare Original The First Four Years. It Was Horrible for My Needs, Did Not Cover A lot of Labs I Regularly Need Conducted for Monitoring My Health.

2021- I’ve Been on United Healthcare AARP with Optum RX. I Don’t Care for Optum Speciality RX. This Week They Made an Error Which Resulted in Me Not Receiving My Xolair Injections. If You Happen to Like United/Optum, Good it Works for You but it Doesn’t for Me.

2022- The Big Challenging Are Healthcare Plans Having Networks Which is Very Difficult When You’re Not in a Big City.
Many of Our FEW Hospitals Do Not Have Many Specialists.

Today-We Were Looking at a Plan by BlueCross and BlueShield. The Plan has a Monthly Premium of $169 + the Part B Medicare Monthly Premium Which is $170.10 for 2022. Then I’m Told The Plan Does Not Cover Epipens or Hydroxyzine!?!

Is it Legal to Not Cover Epipens?! I’m Really Upset About This. I Requested The Insurance Broker to Call and Very The Information.
Monday I Was Prescribed Ketotifen Compounded for Chronic Urticaria. I Learned Today It’s $90 Per Month and Not Covered By Health Insurance.
#openenrollment #openenrollment2022 #2022 #HealthInsurance #EpiPen #chronicurticaria #Urticaria #spoonielife #Medicare


#HealthInsurance #changes

Has anyone had to change health providers, like a therapist because of a sudden change in health insurance and certain coverages? Unfortunately #Medicare has to be my primary insurance now,even though I have MA too thru social service’s that’s closest to me. It’s been really hard on me since I found this out the beginning of this year and it’s my first change I’ve had to do because of it.😞
#Depression #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder #Autism


Just found out I have to leave my therapist.

Today I got news I’ll be placed on Medicare because I have disability benefits. I now lose my financial assistance at the clinic I go to where I got free therapy and medication management for not having insurance. My therapist isn’t licensed for Medicare so I will have to stop seeing her. I’m devastated. I’ve been seeing her for 3 years and we have grown a close bond. She really helps me! I’m angry and sad. The worst of it is I live in a rural area and there is only a few people that Medicare accepts and all of them are not taking clients. So I won’t be able to see anyone anymore. I’m just crushed by this news. I really need therapy and I’ll no longer get the care I need. Isn’t this the opposite of what Medicare is intended for? To help you receive the care you need? #MentalHealth #Medicare #Therapy #Depression #Anxiety #PTSD #BipolarDisorder #SchizoaffectiveDisorder


Police Discrimination/Abuse Because Im Not Visibly Disabled

And I was also removed and banned from target 2 days later, because my power chair died & I couldn't leave the store without it.

My chair was brand new last year and already is dying ?!

Ive been informing the abled that Medicare will not at all provide a power chair for use outside the home. The healthcare system doesn't actually enable independence.

People are just floored that the system is so broken that you are just doomed to be a dependent burden for the rest of your life.

#Disability #Wheelchair #Powerchair #Medicare


Surviving on Disability - is it possible?

My ex stopped paying full alimony, and I'm struggling. My disability doesn't even cover my medications. Today I was going to try and get to a job interview, but I vomited, passed out, and spend an hour on the bathroom floor. I apply for work from home jobs, but most end up being scams. It seems like it would be easier to have something common because then you can say what you have and people understand it. Having something rare? Nobody seems to understand unless they also have something rare, or also have Behcet's with neurologic involvement.

There needs to be better support for those who become disabled at younger ages, especially those with rare conditions. It took me almost 4 full years to even get disability, but when I did get it, I was shocked at how little it was. Medicare doesn't cover my meds, and Medicaid is something I'm $18 away from receiving. I've petitioned for special circumstances, but it could take up to 90 days. I've gone through180 days of rejections and appeals thus far.

Please, United States, do better.
#BehcetsDisease #Disability #Medicare

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