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    DAY 669 of #Migraine

    I can't take it anymore! Between the #COVID19 & #opioid crisis I can't get the help I need.
    3 days in a row my migraine pain has woken me up & I sleep like the dead. When awake, I can't get to a comfort level.
    My last CT Scan shows severe degeneration of my right #TMJ . That was March 26, but bc of the #CoronaVirus no Dentists with this expertise are working. I have a night guard, but I clench so hard my teeth have physically moved as of 1 day ago.
    I can't go to the ER bc they'll just give me an ibuprofen & send me home.
    I feel so helpless & am trying to make it to Tuesday when my Dr can hopefully help me. I just needed a safe space to be in pain. Thanks for reading! #ChronicMigraines #Migraines #TemporomandibularJointDisorders #Pain #ChronicIllness #Spoonie


    Living with chronic pain

    Reading the post of #opioid and #ChronicPain I thought I'd share. Eight years ago was my first symptoms I knew something was wrong. 3 years later I finally had my diagnosis but at that time all tests were negative as to why so #idiopathic peripheral neuropathy was my diagnosis. This last year my A1C showed diabetes. I cant even
    begin to tell how many times i cried because nothing was working for pain relief. I started on gabapentin and increased increased increased added nortriptyline and increased it twice. I want to fall asleep driving. Sometimes driving the 8 miles into town was even not safe. And still at night my pain continued though not as severe but I was unable to lie down to sleep. My regular Dr listened and I was slurring speech so reduced some on both medications. Added a once a day opioid. I know I don't take them enough but to know they are there if I need them. Some nights I am up all night but the pain isnt severe enough to take one but enough to not let me lie down. My Neurologist stated they have nothing to do with opioids. I think of all the people with pain they see and will be in a slurred state but still unable to get pain relief. I really haven't found a good balance. I just know I don't want to become addictive....taking pain meds because I "might" get pain. I have just started acupuncture to see if it will help. I am just thankful my family doctor has listened to me, gave me guidelines I have to follow for him to continue ordering my opioids.