The #struggle is real... 💜

When I first joined #themighty I wanted to try and remain as #positive as possible, creating #conversations and asking questions and getting advice from you guys that would in turn help me navigate the life of #fibromyalgiasyndrome 🙏🏻

I am in the first year of suffering with widespread #ChronicPain every day that I wake up, it even keeps me from sleeping at this point #painsomnia

As well as only being #diagnosed for around five months, it's like a rollercoaster ride that I can't seem to keep up with but... With many more lows than highs 🎢

I am alternating between #insomnia and I seemed to have developed some kind of #tinnitus that rages away in my head 24 hours a day! And being so #fatigued that I cannot physically keep my eyes open; when this happens I do not eat, I do not get dressed, I do not look after myself, in fact the most I can do on these days is go to the bathroom and back to #bed

I feel so #upset and occasionally #angry that I'm doing the bare minimum... Sometimes not even that! And I'm still #struggling 😢

My doctor checks in about once a month to extend to my sick note, reorder my medications ALL of which are #anxiety and #Depression related with no strong course of #Pain relief or any pain relief at all I am told to just stick with over the counter and to take them "as and when"

I am supposed to have appointments with the pain clinic but I'm still waiting...
I have reached out to an ME/Fibromyalgia support group local to me; but I'm still waiting...
I just feel like I'm getting #worse and all I can do is #wait for the #help to come and find me. I barely have the #energy to #fight and I don't have the #knowledge to know where to go from here

I know its still early days and many other people with #Fibromyalgia have had better and worse days and that it is a journey BUT my goodness this is hard! I just want to sleep and to not wake up because it all seems so overwhelming right now 😴

I don't even know where I'm going with this #post but I just felt as though I needed to let it out on a platform that is #caring and #understanding and has helped me feel like I #belong for the first time in a long time so thank you to anyone who has interacted with me and giving me #advice it really is appreciated!

Now I know why many of you go by "Fibromyalgia Warriors"... It's so true; every day is a battle with your own body... Except you're losing 😣

Hoping for better days to come! Today is not one of them and I need to remind myself that it's OK. But more often than not when you're deep in the thick of it, it becomes hard to see the light

Trying to be positive but some days it's much harder to reach. And even if no one reads this I'm just glad to get it off my chest 💜

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