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Eating habits and depression

I find it really difficult to eat healthy when I'm depressed (which is all the time for the past few years) and it creates a terrible cycle that makes me feel worse.

Some things I'm trying to help myself are:

-Buying frozen vegetables. I often get produce and then lose all my motivation to cook and just watch them slowly go bad in my fridge, which makes me feel guilt

- Using paper plates. I know it might be wasteful but I realized that I would avoid eating meals and just eat random snacks because I didn't want create dirty dishes. Now if only there were paper pots and pans....(jk)

Can you relate to this? What types of things help you?

#MentalHealth #Depression #DepressiveDisorders

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The "boot camp" that formed my OCD

Being raised as a slave is torture! Once my mom married my step dad, things dramatically changed for me. I was forced to do ALL of the housework. My mom worked long hours & I was primarily "taken care of" by him. Meaning I was beaten & forced to clean each room of the house top to bottom. I'm talking about with a toothbrush sometimes. MY toothbrush to be exact. (No I would not use it again for myself. I'd wait until the day we went grocery shopping to recieve a new one.) I HAD to make sure I was doing EVERYTHING correctly or else I'd get beat & then have to start over. There was one time i missed a rough spot on a plate while doing dishes & he went to check my progress. Literally looked at each dish & found the spot I missed. He took EVERY DISH out of the cupboard, including all the pots & pans & other appliances like quessadilla maker etc. & made me re-wash EVERYTHING & he stood there in the doorway watching me with arms crossed.

He would make me scrub the baseboards & cracks in the floors, corners of the walls from floor to celing, air vents, light fixtures, behind the toilet... etc. WITH A TOOTHBRUSH. Sometimes forced to use my own because I would clean so much that sometimes we ran out of old toothbrushes...

I had to make sure EVERY surface in the house was SPOTLESS or face the fury... so (now 31years old) still clean this way & if I don't do it right the 1st time I have panick attacks. One day I wasn't feeling like doing anything. I was so burnt out. I skipped out on all the chores. My husband was about to be home & I FREAKED TF OUT! I was sobbing when he came into our bedroom. He asked why & I just kept repeating I'm sorry. For not cleaning this & that & doing this or that... blah blah blah. Had to explain what the hell I was going on about. That's one of the 1st glimpses of my panick attacks for him... but he explained to me that what I went through was NOT OK & NOT NORMAL & he doesn't care if things are a little messed up. He didn't MAKE me do anything! We went out for ice cream instead! lol

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Which type of gifts are your favorite to receive?

🥘 Practical items, like pots and pans
🪴 Plants, I like something to care for
🎉 Fun, something you’d never buy for yourself
👔 Clothing or something to wear
🍕 Food or beverage
🎟️ Experiences, like a concert or tickets to the zoo
🖼️ Something sentimental, like a framed photograph
💌 A handwritten note
🤷‍♀️ I’m not really a gift person

#DistractMe #MightyMinute

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I'm new here!

Hi, my name is carolk1955. I'm here because I am in a wheelchair because I had 2 spinal surgeries last year and cannot walk. I also have a cat whose litter pans need to be cleaned and I live alone. I welcome any tips on litter box cleaning and housekeeping I can find here.


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Good day, Wednesdays

Oh you had a bad day you say, I don't believe you, just kidding, well after a sore back from all the cooking a cleaning pots pans and dishes, and making homemade scones last night with a fire, and watching Brooklyn on my rounds, I cried this morning waiting for family to be ready to go out, really is that worth it, it was only Bacon, anyways most delicious bacon this side of Ireland was had, and the day goes on, not to mention the hours spent in the beautiful sunshine yesterday with beer n wolves, this is living, I do feel for those in hospitals or nursing homes and hope either that you will be home soon or that you get to go home and experience such things sporadically, make the most of the life you have, times crying and praying are not the only thing, life gets better, love to all of you


I’m new here!

Hi, my name is TeaAndPandas. I'm here because I finally received my PANS/PANDAS diagnosis. I got this illness in 2015 so it has been quite the journey. I also have chronic migraine & PTSD. Hoping to find community here <3 #Migraine #PTSD #pans/PANDAS