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Man cdiff sucks ass!

Hello everyone I'm a T12 paraplegic, paralyzed from the waist down. Due to a gunshot about a decade ago when I thought my life was over. Everytime I hear the ambulance sirens my mind goes off on a PTSD roller coaster trip. At times when the roller coaster comes down the track brakes and the coaster gets out of hand. Then my mind down falls and gets off track. Ever since that gunshot I've hated my life at times. Always getting chronic infections needing antibiotics. The vicious cycle of antibiotics getting cdiff from so many antibiotics then back around again. Having to change my adult brief having more than 10 bowel movements in a day. The life in these hotwheels all I can do is keep on pushing and holding on strong. Keep my hope and faith at pace that it's supposed to be at.
#Disabled #wheelchairbound #Wheelchairlife #chronicallyill #Cdiff #faithandhope #Incontinence #paraplegic


What I learned on our outing in the chair.

What I learned on B and I’s outing tonight.

* Pushing him in a wheelchair is a complete body workout.

* Sidewalks in bad condition need repaired/replaced. Sidewalks with areas of broken concrete, or areas where tree roots have pushed up a section at a seam are very difficult to navigate.

* Handicap doors - the ones you push the pad to open automatically - need to remain open 15 seconds longer.

* The ‘ramps’ to cross the street need to be at less of an incline. The footboards scrape, making it impossible to go down them forward. The anti-tip bars make it hard to go down them backwards.

* You have to walk like a penguin when pushing a chair with anti-tip bars.

* Or, anti-tip bars need to have a cover on them so you don’t crack open your ankles hitting the interior and exterior screws. I busted open both ankles. One while walking, one while turning him around to go backwards down a ramp. Lovely.

* People are (in our experience tonight ) generally not respectful of one’s needs in a wheelchair. For instance, rushing ahead of us to go through a door - not to hold it for us, but because they didn’t want to wait for us to maneuver to get through it.

Hold doors, smile, say hi, and teach your children to do the same. Please.

There is healing in kindness. #Wheelchair #Etiquette #Respect #paraplegic #Sci #SpinalCordInjury #Suicide #SuicideSurvivor #ChooseKind #Kindness #MentalHealth


#paraplegic life after wreck

I am a paraplegic after our motorcycle wreck that paralyzed me from the chest down it has changed my wife's and I lives forever we blew through the first 5 years now will this is April and in June it will be 5 years since our wreck and in the last year we have become short and bitter towards each other and that is not us ok now then I will ask God for help he has saved me 3 times now from the grip of death he's pulled me out and laid me down in my bed with my wife there by my side everytime she is my special gift from God and she is way more than I deserve so I try to stay here with her I don't want her to be here by herself alone in this mean country of ours I pray that God will cure our country and put the evil doers in their place

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