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Question #pharmaceuticals #Anti -depressants #MentalHealth

I have been on the same anti-depressant for close to a decade and am wanting to wean myself from it. Have any of you others who may have been on the same antidepressant for this length of time done this before? What was your experience? (I’ll definitely do this with my doctor’s input!)

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#I Know There Are Good Police - I Watch TV

After #sexual abuse and #Bullying growing up, I met someone #gentle and #Understanding to share my life with. Wonderful jobs, wonderful kids (until they were older, then one wonderful kid), and #autoimmune disease again and again and again. I believe my most recent #healthlist shows 8. At the time that was all I knew. I left a job I adored, I had #mentalissues , and it started to affect me. I had Elliot, my #ServiceDog , many of the #AutoimmuneDiseases affected me physically, too. Sometimes, I just felt sick. My husband had taken 2 jobs to
cover my #MedicalBills , #pharmaceuticals , my daughter was teaching, and at night taking classes for her masters.
The people closest to me, who best understood what was happening with me, were very busy.
I had been a writer once, and I intended to checkout online writing classes, but my computer was hacked. I even had proof, they were so comfortable in my space, they lived there/here for years. I would receive calls from all over the world. One bad day when I was #Feelingsick and fighting the hackers, I finally called the police. In your area this is your only option. I explained what I was calling about, so they would send computer knowledgeable police to my house. Three police were sent over, and the one in charge pulled out his gun on Elliot, when he was quickly standing next to me. I explained he was a #ServiceDog and showed him the cane in my right hand. He threatened to shoot him if I didn’t keep the dog away from him. While I was trying to get Elliot to stay in the family room, which went against his training, the same guy wanted to know what was wrong with me. Who’s still in a robe at noon? I entered the room with my laptop, he jumped. He had no idea why he was called to my address.
I tried to explain why, #WhichMadeMeSoundCrazy ! Hackers? Out of the country? He nodded to one of his men, and that man asked to use my phone while the “Boss” kept questioning about my robe and threatening my #ServiceDog . #IWasInTears ! An ambulance pulled up to the house, and they try to talk me into going with them
where people could help me. I refused. One of the EMT’s watching #TheCrazyLady weeping, in a robe, asked me if I was not going. I said no, which was fine by him, I just needed to release them and he could leave. I signed the paperwork without a glance and tried to throw out the police, too. But they laughed and picked me up and put me in the ambulance. “Bossman” explained I had just committed myself. I heard the 3 police laugh until they closed the ambulance doors.
Absolutely, the police can use some redevelopment.