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Question #pharmaceuticals #Anti -depressants #MentalHealth

I have been on the same anti-depressant for close to a decade and am wanting to wean myself from it. Have any of you others who may have been on the same antidepressant for this length of time done this before? What was your experience? (I’ll definitely do this with my doctor’s input!)

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#Loneliness #Anti-social

I never really voiced this before but I'm jealous of my best friend/boyfriend. I have a total of 3 best friends now after one just completely dropped me back in April. She was the one I could do everything with. I've stopped leaving the house, which is a good thing and a bad thing. Good because its my safe place. Bad because I get lonely. I'm so anti-social. I'm jealous that my boyfriend has people he can go hang out with. My other best friends live far away and he's the only one I spend time with because we live together. When he goes play volleyball or to a poker game with buddies I get anxious and irritable. I hate being clingy. I get so scared my boyfriend will call me out on it and make me feel worse. I don't think he understands. I don't know how I would maje him understand how I feel. Half the time I don't understand it. I know we have lives outside of each other but I still feel so jealous and sad when he has to leave. I'm trying to be better. But I don't know how to make friends or have different hobbies.

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Hungry but don't want to eat #Depression

I'm really hungry right now. My stomach hurts and it's churning from lack of food. It's been nearly 10 hours since I last ate. I've also felt had anything to drink. Yet despite feeling hungry, I have no desire to eat and the thought of eating seems repulsive.

I've had this issue in the past, but it's been many years. Does anyone else experience this? Do you have any strategies for eating when you don't feel like it? #Depression #Anti-inflammatorydiet #MentalHealth



Too often I’m told that I should try exercises because it releases #endorphins . The #Anti depressant hormones. That annoys and hurts. #ignorance surrounding #mental #illness is rife. If exercise fixed my #Broken #Brain of course I’d go all out. No one wants to live in abject #depressive misery.

I WISH I heard #supporting words, for e.g. when #Depression strikes I’m offered a simple kind word. I.e. #how #can #I #help .or #I #Love #you . It’ll pass.

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I Am Anti-Vax and Not Because My Brother has Autism

I Am Anti-Vax and Not Just Because My Brother Has Autism

I am anti-vax and it's not because I have a brother with autism. I don't want to be vaccinated because I care about what is being put into my body. For years I have been taught to take care of my body and only put the best into it, so why would I put vaccines in it?

Did you know that vaccines contain potentially harmful chemicals? Yes, the word 'potentially' means that it might not be harmful in all cases, but some is still more than none. If I know that smoking could cause cancer and lung damage, I am not going to smoke because I don't want to harm my body. Yes, some people smoke their whole lives and don't end up with cancer, but if I can prevent a problem, then why wouldn't I?

Truth is, vaccines are made to protect me from illness that are not life threatening in this day and age. Would having the chicken pox's suck? Yes, but it is still better than what could happen if I put vaccines into my body.

Did you know that vaccines contain aluminum?
Did you know that aluminum causes dementia and Alzheimer's?
When aluminum enters the body and reaches the brain, it causes inflammation and oxidation that leads to brain deterioration. Aluminum has also been linked to many blood disorders and anemia. 80% of people have high levels of aluminum in their body; are you one of them?

Vaccines contain antibiotics. Have you ever looked around in your doctors office and seen the posters about only using antibiotics when you have an infection? When you take antibiotics when you don't have an infection, you are killing all of the healthy bacteria in your body. With antibiotic overuse, candida can occur and can cause major organ damage if not resolved. Antibiotic overuse also causes the development of super-bugs. When a virus or infection mutates to become antibiotic resistant, it becomes a super-bug.

Formaldehyde... it is used to preserve cadavers, and last time I checked, I am still breathing. Formaldehyde is known to cause . The reason formaldehyde is in vaccines is to inactivate the virus inside of the vaccine and to kill off bacteria. If it is killing off a virus and bacteria inside of the vaccine, it is going to do the same thing when inside of you.

Not being vaccinated is not about whether it causes autism or not. Who know if it does! The reason I don't want to be vaccinated is because the risk I am taking of potential being sick of an illness that does not kill me, is much smaller than the potential of me developing preventable diseases.

We live in a world full of choices, but being vaccinated is a choice that is often taken away. It is my body, so I should have the right to do as I wish.
#Autism #Anti -vaccine #AlzheimersDisease #Dementia #antibiotics