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    April is Child Abuse Awareness Month

    I am a Survivor of #ChildAbuse and neglect. I have started a Grassroots Organization called AHHHS which stands for A Helping Hand for Healing Souls. I am currently working on some projects. I would like to ask any#AbuseSurvivors #csasurvivor #Incestsurvior if they could say in a few words how they felt when the abuse was happening, or what happened or how do you feel about it now? I am also having an OPEN MIC EVENT this Saturday for anyone interested in working toward SPEAKING OUT or the #protection of #Children , contact me at AHHHS1@OUTLOOK.COM new hashtag #365 For the ISSUES which one month out of a year is JUST NOT ENOUGH!!!

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    Fibro question for book lovers

    Are there book lovers here who've overcome tenderness and sensitivity in hands for reading? My CNS thinks pages are razor blades and book edges are sharp knives. Same for the edge of my computer keyboard. While I work this out with my medical team, have any of you found hacks to avoid this discomfort? I have some books I'd really love to dive into. I'm thinking soft gloves or a non-binding barrier between me and a book. #Fibromyalgia #Allodynia #protection #centralnervoussystem #ptsdembodied #Everythinghurts