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    First post. I know it’s not much, but I don’t want to exist anymore.

    I wish I could erase such intense feelings. I wish I didn’t feel anything at all. I wish I never existed. #venting #depressed #Upset #resentful #Jealousy

    Community Voices

    Helping those who have hurt you in the #past

    I have had to take a step back from a member of my family who has both hurt me but helped me too. Ive been doing this since last May. Things are improving a bit with less confusion in my mind about how #angry i am that they massively #letmedown . However I have been trying to practise #compassion and #Selflove towards myself and others. I helped that family member yesterday and she is elderly and cannot use computers but I managed to resolve her problem. I felt compassion for her and it was ok to help her. She will always be important to me and someone who I loved very much as a child.
    It felt good to #giveback and not feel too #resentful for the anger she has once caused me. However I still kept boundaries in place and she knows not to push it. Haha!

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