Over the past two weeks, I have consistantly been running into the topic of Angel Therapy. Generally, when these types of occurances happen to me, it is some realm of existance attempting to enlighten me. It doesn’t matter to me what name one elects to assign to this occurance be it spiritual, universal, a religious, or alternative health care. It only matters that I pay attention!

I decided I needed to research Angel Therapy. I simply can’t tolerate having a conversation with myself and not knowing what I am talking about. Angel Therapy has existed since the 1980s. There are actually Angel Therapy practitioners. It is a art form connected to Reiki Therapy in some manner but a non-denominational method of connecting with our angels. This type of therapy, requires one to be open minded about ones angel beliefs. So, the researching is underway.

Since joining The Mighty, I have been plagued with one consistent thought. That is how do we stop the pain and fatigue that is robbing us of all life’s quality. I must take pause and explore this topic. I now seek Mighties who have heard of this therapy and are a bit or largely knowledgable about Angel Therapy and or tried Angel therapy. Share what you know of this modality.

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