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This is-ness is clear and clean and has no boundaries and has always been there and will always be there. It’s so vast and yet so imminent. I want to go back to see what may be seen! This is me?? I can only respond with my tears.
#seeking peace


I've been trying to get this out for days.
I snapped. 26yrs of trying to be everything my family wanted, trying to be the good little Catholic school girl, being the one to take the higher road, being the one to apologize for everything, being the one to just let things roll off my shoulders. Being the one that walks away from the fight instead of standing my ground. Doing everything to make sure no ones feelings are hurt and respecting everyone older then me. I'm not doing it anymore. I'm tired, exhausted. I feel everything that's been building up on my shoulders. Sugar coating things so no one, even my family, would know just how much I struggle and what I go through everyday.
I feel almost like I can breath, if it wasn't for my mom. She takes every word and twists it on me. And when I demand apologizes now, she doesn't really apologize. All I want is respect. And I'm tired of the game, so I'm dropping my facade. I'm going to just... Live. Let things happen instead of trying to be someone, something, i cant accomplish. #LearnToLetGo #Depression #Freedome #living #notperfect #seeking #TimeToChange #change #isitokay #scared #Respect #different


Why is seeking attention is wrong? #attention #seeking

What’s this nonsense about it being wrong for wanting attention? We are not Islands but meant to be in community as humans, whether we’re children, teenagers, adults or seniors. Attention means helping each other, encouraging each other and not going through this life alone. Attention means I need help, I can’t do this by myself. If we are honest, we all want attention , it helps us on this journey called life. Dam rights I want attention. Don’t you? Let’s freely give each other attention that is so needed. Whether at home, on the street, on the bus, at work, at school, hospital, senior centre, mall. Darn right we all need plenty of attention.

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