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Reaching out to friends after a depressive episode advice?

I'll try to keep this as short and to the point as I can. A little over a month ago I stopped trazodone cold turkey (shouldn't have, I know but I couldn't get more due to outside circumstances) and had to deal with nearly 3 weeks of withdrawl symptoms. In addition to this, my depression symptoms came back stronger, the main one being a strong need to isolate myself from everyone and everything. During that time I was fortunate to have 3 friends message me concerned that I hadn't replied to them and wondering if I was ok. Now that I have a little more energy I want to reach out and tell them I'm back and apologize for not talking to them sooner. But the problem is, I'm afraid to tell them why. I'm afraid to tell them about my depression and how bad it can get. One is skeptical of antidepressants in general, one knows I take them but doesn't know a lot of details, and one has trouble "seeing me as" someone with mental illness because apparently I hide it well. I can't just use the "things got busy" excuse. I don't know what to tell them or how much. Any ideas? #Depression #trazodone #selfisolating #supportsystem #Friends #DepressiveEpisodes

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Home Sweet Home - Our #COVID19 Sanctuary

I wrote this blog post well before self isolation, quarantine and lockdown were common words in our vocabulary.

As we enter a new world, dictated to us by COVID-19, my chronic illness life and the lives of so many disabled with chronic disease, will now be better understood.

That's a good thing. One of the ways those of us in the chronic illness community can show kindness and support, is to share our coping skills in the area of self-isolation and a limited social life.

Even social distancing is something we adopted well before this term began to trend.

Home Sweet Home is where it all starts. Make it a haven. Make it a place you want to be in. Declutter, reorganise and make beautiful spaces throughout your home that allow you to create, reflect, read, listen to music, exercise, cook.....whatever it is that makes you smile and gives you purpose, incorporate those things into your Home Sweet Home.

We will get through this and I believe we will all adopt a new, healthier way of living for everyone as a result. 💜
#COVID19 #selfisolating #Lockdown #quarantine #SocialDistancing


Experts in Self-Isolating.

We can show people how to self isolate. Atlast we’ve found a positive to our friend, this illness!
we can give advice on how to stop feeling bored, how to sleep during the day, how to stay up during the night And how to pass the time in bed.
#fibroexperts #selfisolating