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Support group tea party

I think of a support system a bit like a tea party. Everyone's gathered around the table of friendship. The goal is to share in merriment; food, drinks, and pleasant conversation. But, every so often, someone spills the tea. If you're surrounded by a good support system, everyone pitches in by grabbing napkins and moving things out of the way. Together, they clean up the mess the best they can so that merriment can continue. If you're surrounded by a bad support system, they shout at you for spilling the tea and ruining the food or they laugh at you for getting it on your clothes and make fun of you while you clean up the mess entirely alone.

I lost a lot of friends when I went through my nervous breakdown and you know what... My circle is smaller, but I love it even more now. I feel so much more connected with the few I chose to confide in.

Talk to your friends, people, and about deep and meaningful things. I spent too much time on the surface level, thinking it was inappropriate or burdensome to talk about most things even though I never minded hearing it from others. 🖤

#MentalHealth #TeaParty #supportsystem

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Coping mechanisms

I almost dated a guy who found my relentless foot boucing really annoying. Its a coping mechanism I adopted from my Mom. I do it even when I don't necessarily feel anxious, its just comforting. My current boyfriend actually finds it just as comforting as I do. Keep surrounding yourself with people who care. He knows it helps me and he put in the effort to try to understand. Just very thankful for my support system.

#AnxietyCoping #restless #encouragement #supportsystem


I'm new here!

Just wanted to say hello. I was just diagnosed with fibromyalgia in February. I'm pretty new to all of this. I'm happy to finally have some answers. I don't have a support system at home. My husband refuses to believe anything is wrong with me. According to him, "I don't know what real pain feels like." "I'm just lazy." So I'm hoping you all can help me with a support system. #FibromyalgiaDiagnosis #supportsystem

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Bipolar Steals My Credibility

Change the language. End the stigma around bipolar.

Something about buying one of the cars I always dreamed of owning, but having to go through a support system is when each one just flat out asks “are you manic?” It begins to chip away my autonomy. I begin to second guess myself, I begin to doubt that I am capable of living on my own and make grown-up decisions on my own.

So I sat at the dealer for 6 hours, calling my support system and hearing them say “are you manic?” “you really are crazy.”

But the thing is- I have admired the WRX for many years, I knew I could get into the same year car as my current with 10k less miles and I could do it while lowering my monthly payment, and finance it on my own without a co-signer.

It was no longer enjoyable-because now I had to explain my adult choices to the jury.

And I am automatically guilty because I am Bipolar with no autonomy of my own. My choices are not my own.

Change the language. End the stigma around bipolar.

In the end, I got the car. I trusted my instinct to lower my payments, get out from a co-sign, and hear that turbo whistle.

I agree bipolar should have support. But change the language. Know yourself. Trust your instinct.
#wrx #Bipolar1 #Bipolar #supportsystem

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How to ‘be there’ for someone with an anxiety friend/ other half #Anxiety #supportsystem

Most articles that I’ve read when dealing with anxiety issues’ support system is to ‘be there’ and listen. But how to be a good listener and better support companion for them? #Anxiety #supportsystem

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When the situation is delicate, how do you grow your support system ?

My illness induced PTSD has gotten bad lately and my support system is very small ( 3 people total, 1 being my psychologist ). As much as I want to tell some of my friends, I’m afraid to because the things involved with my PTSD are some of the worst days of my life and I can’t have those things just blown over in conversation or become common knowledge to others outside my circle.
#supportsystem #illnessinducedptsd


Lack of emotional support

Every single hospitalization I can remember, my mom didn’t really show emotion, so when I was in pain, going or something traumatic , there was no emotional support. She was always the one to stay overnight in the hospital with me . If you can relate, what did you do? Im thinking that maybe I should just try to find people I’m close to who can provide the emotional support during those times.


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Does anyone ever worry about overwhelming you’re support system ?

I’m in the middle of some pretty tough stuff and I worry that those who make up my support system will leave if I contact them too much.



Reaching out to friends after a depressive episode advice?

I'll try to keep this as short and to the point as I can. A little over a month ago I stopped trazodone cold turkey (shouldn't have, I know but I couldn't get more due to outside circumstances) and had to deal with nearly 3 weeks of withdrawl symptoms. In addition to this, my depression symptoms came back stronger, the main one being a strong need to isolate myself from everyone and everything. During that time I was fortunate to have 3 friends message me concerned that I hadn't replied to them and wondering if I was ok. Now that I have a little more energy I want to reach out and tell them I'm back and apologize for not talking to them sooner. But the problem is, I'm afraid to tell them why. I'm afraid to tell them about my depression and how bad it can get. One is skeptical of antidepressants in general, one knows I take them but doesn't know a lot of details, and one has trouble "seeing me as" someone with mental illness because apparently I hide it well. I can't just use the "things got busy" excuse. I don't know what to tell them or how much. Any ideas? #Depression #trazodone #selfisolating #supportsystem #Friends #DepressiveEpisodes