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Reaching out to friends after a depressive episode advice?

I'll try to keep this as short and to the point as I can. A little over a month ago I stopped trazodone cold turkey (shouldn't have, I know but I couldn't get more due to outside circumstances) and had to deal with nearly 3 weeks of withdrawl symptoms. In addition to this, my depression symptoms came back stronger, the main one being a strong need to isolate myself from everyone and everything. During that time I was fortunate to have 3 friends message me concerned that I hadn't replied to them and wondering if I was ok. Now that I have a little more energy I want to reach out and tell them I'm back and apologize for not talking to them sooner. But the problem is, I'm afraid to tell them why. I'm afraid to tell them about my depression and how bad it can get. One is skeptical of antidepressants in general, one knows I take them but doesn't know a lot of details, and one has trouble "seeing me as" someone with mental illness because apparently I hide it well. I can't just use the "things got busy" excuse. I don't know what to tell them or how much. Any ideas? #Depression #trazodone #selfisolating #supportsystem #Friends #DepressiveEpisodes


When you feel ignored by professionals

I had been having #Migraines since 12 and I had had enough at 33. So my family doc prescribed #Topamax/Topiramate. Everything was going well, no migraines, until insomnia, #Anxiety and #Paranoia. At first I thought it was me until it got worse and went to see a #Therapist. The place I go states I need to see the psychiatrist at least once and as soon as I told her that my mom was bipolar, from what I remember as a kid, she immediately diagnosed me as such. I had even brought up Topamax and said a lot of this started around the time I started taking that, could it be that? She said no, I don't think so. Prescribed Latuda and moved on. I had an adverse reaction to it when mixed with #trazodone(for insomnia); stopped Trazodone and continued Latuda at 20 mg. My mental state got worse after going up 40 mg. Went back down but, still didn't feel right. Moved on to #Lamictal. Every appointment I kept discussing Topamax. Both the therapist and psychiatrist ignored my pleas. So two weeks ago I stopped Topamax with the help of my family doc finally listening to me. Today I feel like myself after so many months of not being heard. Everyone kept saying these two docs are the best at what they do and I'm over here a complete mess. After also being lied to about hospital policy. I had to find out on my own by the hospital's website and forms they gave me about seeing both docs at the same time.
I don't know what to do now. I feel lost as far as how I was treated eventhough I came to them for help. All bc of #Topamax. The fact that I had to find out on my own is sad. When you go to a #MentalHealth specialist for help they act like they are superior and you have no authority over your mental state. You know how your mind makes you feel and everything that's feels different. I believe a second, even a third opinion is helpful bc not everyone is right all the time even doctors.


Anyone take Lamictal? #BipolarDisorder #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Newmeds #wellbutrin #Lamictal #trazodone

Just got back from drs appt. she added trazadone and lamictal. I have been on Wellbutrin and I love it. It has saved my life in many ways. Only real side-effect from Wellbutrin that I really can for sure say it is from it is sweating a couple hours after I take it but then it subsides. My dr said that lamictal doesn’t have many side effect but I need to look out for a rash... anyone on this mes?