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How do you talk to your kids about sex?

In a recently published article here on the Mighty, the topic of educating children about sex is discussed in detail:

I know this is a controversial topic that often brings up discussions about values, but it is also a subject that is often tackled when discussing the prevention of child sexual abuse. Educating children about sex in age appropriate ways is critical to their ability to distinguish what is safe and what is not. Some of the lessons in this article are great, including the focus on boundaries and on how sex in the media (namely pornography) isn't representative of real sex.

Have you discussed this with your kids? What has helped you tackle this delicate topic?

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How to Talk to Your Child About Sex

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I'm new here!

Hi, my name is MistressPlaid. I'm here because I'm struggling with adult-diagnosted ADHD and anxiety disorder, and am having a hard time getting timely and useful care from my psychiatrist, and am struggling with adulting on almost every level.

My ADHD symptoms have been getting progressively unmanageable the older I get, and tonight's late-night tunnel-vision research was centered on trying to find out if my childhood spinal meningitis (and resulting 2 weeks in a coma at age 2, right-side brain damage and inner-ear hearing loss, and more) would help explain my ADHD, and see if I can find a path to manage it.

I'm a former sex educator and sex toy expert (though that one might be something that never stops being a super power) and have used my ability to be in the flow to be present with people and help them know they are *normal for them* and are worth loving. I'd love to flex those neglected helpful muscles here, too, if the opportunity reveals itself.

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Are you a young PWD who has been affected by the lack of sex education or does this describe someone you know?

I'm a journalist (with a disability) writing about this topic and having difficulty finding sources. Hoping someone sees this and is able to help! Thanks!

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