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How's everyone doing?

Currently in the process of reinventing myself! Over the last few days, I've been struggling a little bit. Intrusive thoughts, feeling down, struggling to do the simplest of things. Today I decided to fight back! Got showered, dressed and went for a walk! That's about as productive as I have been over the last few days!

So you's know how I'm doing, what about yourselves? Are you okay?

#ITSOKAYTOTALK #Shout #howareyou #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Depression #Anxiety #TimeToChange #mind #MentalHealth


#Shout out to all the people who give their best everyday!

I only realized what impact this chronic illness have on not only yourself but on the people around you....or maybe i just didn't want to realize it because then it wasn't a reality.

Having the worst kind of pain and not being able to explain to somebody how you feel that they could just maybe understand what you are going through.

This past few weeks I have had the worst flare but i tried to go on and push myself. Till it knocked me down and I was booked off for almost a whole week. And during this all I almost lost my relationship and my engagement. I only realized that I was so focused on just trying to cope that I neglected my fiance and that it was easy just to push him away and tell him to do something on his own because i just wasn't up to it.
Luckily we worked things out and I told him that i need him more than anything because if you don't have people to support won't make it on your owm.

I have hit such a low and I am so depressed and hoping to feel better soon. At the end we give our best and thats all that count.

High five to all the daily survivors. Its a daily battle and we are champion's of our own daily battles.