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    Remembering Dad 8/6/48 - 12/9/13

    I wandered today to the hills, Maggie
    To watch the scene below
    The creek and the creaking old mill, Maggie
    As we used to long, long ago

    Every time I hear this song, I remember my late father who passed away in 2013 at the age of 65. I will be seeing the two blokes who sing this song, Mick Foster (Foster) and Tony Allen (Allen) in concert with my dad looking on in spirit!

    #CheckInWithMe #Grief #Australia #lossofalovedone #Music #Solace #tributes #fosterandallen


    The Steps

    I’m almost to thirty days of #Sobriety . While I realize #Depression is not something that just goes away because I took one #substance out of the equation, I wonder if anyone here found #Solace in taking the steps (of the 12 from #AA ); if not, what was your mindset? As an #Atheist , I am still open to the understanding that I don’t know everything and that “higher god” can be whatever leads me to living the life I know I want to have.


    Escape to solace #Depression #Anxiety #Fibromyalgia

    I’ve been following The Mighty on Facebook for a while, but had never used the app before. I’ve been struggling with my health today, and I’ve been feeling very alone, and anxious. I had this past week off from school but didn’t accomplish the work I had wanted to do during that time.
    I’m so tired of not feeling way and not having the energy to accomplish the goals I set out for myself.
    I didn’t know who to turn to in my personal life who would understand what I’m going through. I’m not lazy and I’m not making excuses for my lack of completed work. I’m just struggling to get out of this darkness and try to feel better so I can do what I need to for school and my life in general.
    I’m hoping that by joining this app, I will be able to learn from others and hopefully find inspiration and give support to those who need it like I do.

    Sending love to all of warriors 💛
    #Fibromyalgia #Depression #Anxiety #School #Solace #Inspiration