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hey everyone i just wanted to check in.this is my 8th day clean now and i feel better but not when im having a craving

If it wasnt for the mighty and my friends on here i would have used last night and tonight.. meeting ppl on here that has similar issues and symptoms i do has really helped me w not feeling Alone

i am on this app all through out my day..and have built great friendships and have alot of support on here..

yea its uncomfortable being clean and yea it is really hard but im doing it and i know that i can continue doing it..

im very proud of myself and have came a very long way..its a struggle every day but anything great in life is worth fighting for..if you want great things, you have to do great things and make some sacrifices in life

im learning to just feel what i feel and know that everything will be ok and that the negative feelings will pass.i hope everyone is feeling and doing well.. ty for being on this journey w me xo

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#Sobriety #Depression #Anxiety #CPTSD #BPD #ADHD #Bipolar

hi currently 4 days clean not hurting anymore which is great and i have wonderful news!!!

my job is going to pay for me to go to college to become a CNA next year so im super excited and going to stay clean

im a caregiver so ill be in the health field..God is good and no matter what you go through in does get better w time

i have been homeless and struggling really so happy that i have a promising future ahead of me.. getting clean is possible but you have to be ready

no im not perfect..i go through major mood swings a day and awful nightmares.. currently on like 12 diff meds but they are working so thats all that matters

i just want to say to everyone thats struggling out there..dont give up..keep fighting and keep then will see great results

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Thank you Mightys. #ChronicPain #Disability #Depression #Sobriety

Last night, I received my 30 year chip at AA.
Thank you, Mightys, for being an important part of my sobriety. One day at a time.

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Odds Stacked Against Me

I’m so scared. There are some really amazing things happening in my life but then there are really terrible things too. It’s like a roller coaster and I’m just really alone and scared. In the last three months I’ve gotten clean (again), lost my mom suddenly, became involved with cps, lost my old job, gotten a new one (moved up to management and head of a whole department) went back to my ex (who’s been abusive in the past) and I am alone and scared.

#Sobriety #Loss #Abuse #AbuseSurvivors #EmotionalAbuse #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder

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Endless Suffering for Eternal Bliss #ComplexPosttraumaticStressDisorder #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Trauma #Sobriety #AddictionRecovery

When I was seven years old, I witnessed my dad beat my mother because she wouldn’t have sex with him. It was the first time I stayed in a women’s shelter.

I didn’t know then that it would affect me years later.

My sister and I used to go on long country rides with our parents. They were drinking all the while. My father would frequently try to sexually assault my mom in the front seat.

I didn’t know then that it would affect me years later.

On one of those rides, with both parents drunk, we spun out into a cornfield during a snowstorm. We thought it was the ride of our lives.

I didn’t know then that it would affect me years later.

We dumpster dove as children. We thought we were bonding with our father.

I didn’t know then that it would affect me years later.

Eventually, my parents, sister and grandparents moved into a house together. I felt safe. Our grandparents protected us.
Unfortunately, my grandpa passed in 2008. My parents unraveled. My grandma was ridden with cancer while grieving the death of her soulmate. My uncle decided to move my grandma from the toxic environment into her own home where she could heal. I went to visit my grandma one day and came back to a nightmare. My mom was sitting on the neighbors porch with bruises and blood everywhere. When my mom was able to get free and the police arrived, my father locked himself in the bedroom and SWAT opened with five guns pointed at him. He laughs about it now, but it wasn’t very comical then. My mom wouldn’t stop drinking. One sip was all it took. I couldn’t take it anymore. She begged me to stay, but I left. I moved in with my grandma.

I didn’t know then that it would affect me years later.

Years later, my grandma’s house is full with everyone there. Both parents are still drinking. One morning, just a few days after Christmas, my sister was irate. She had a gymnastics meet and both parents were drunk in morning. I went downstairs and confronted both of them. Little did I know the events that would quickly come after. I began walking away and my father came out of his room full of rage. He attacked me from behind and my eyebrow and teeth were the first to hit the cold, concrete floor. He turned me over and was on top of me. My sister ran downstairs and I yelled for help and to call the police, but she just stared and ran upstairs. Nobody helped me. My parents ran to some motel. When winter break ended, the family begged me not to say anything. I was in British Literature class and, naively, participated. The teacher noticed immediately. It’s hard to hide a bloody scrape above your eyebrow and a black eye. Next thing I knew, I was in the office with the principal, counselor and police officer. My dad was arrested soon after. I was alone. Everyone in the family was upset with me. I was just a kid. My great aunt even pleaded to write a letter to the judge. I was just a kid! My father was sentenced to four years for domestic violence.

I didn’t know then that it would affect me years later.

I continued to live with my grandma. One afternoon, my sister called me upset because my mom was extremely drunk. I lost my temper. I drove there. I put a cigarette out on my mom’s arm. I physically fought and kicked her while she was down. It took three guys to pull me out of the house.

I didn’t know then that it would affect me years later.

My mom and sister were evicted and my grandma was paying for their cheap downtown motel. My grandma gave an ultimatum to my mother. If she didn’t stop drinking, she’d be on the streets. She stopped! Eventually I moved to Columbus for college.

I didn’t know then that it would affect me years later.

We reconciled, but just three years later all hell broke loose. My mother was sober, but father was intoxicated and said something so nasty to my mother that I had to intervene. He stood up and began walking upstairs with a can of beer in his hand. I walked behind him, snatched it, tossed it down the sink and prepared for the mayhem that was about to ensue. He walked back towards me and I knew then that I had to fight, whether I was ready or not, I had to fight my father. We broke chairs, vases, etc. he was underneath me squeezing the life from my ribs when I reached up and grabbed a massive wrench. I could have killed him with the force I was holding the wrench with.

I didn’t know then that it would affect me years later.

In 2016 I became addicted to adderall, so much so that I binged and decided to drop out of college, break my lease and join the military. The same day we cleaned out my apartment and I moved back to my hometown before enlisting, we got a call that my grandma was taken by siren ambulance to hospital. We raced to my hometown and I went straight to the hospital. There she was. My grandma. The woman that raised me. Laying there afraid and alone. The very next day, I was sitting by her side and she finally had a bowel movement, but it wasn’t bowel. It was blood. I can still remember the smell. I ran out to the nurses and asked if that was bad. They told me I needed to start calling family. I was only twenty two years old. I tried to stay calm as I called family members. They tried an operation. It failed. My cousins and I stayed with her overnight. My grandma needed pain relief, but anymore would cease any opportunity for future operations. The three of us had to make the decision. We just wanted her comfortable. The next several days were the worst of my life. I will never forget my uncle waking me up from a nap to tell me that it’s time. We all sat on the bed with her as she took her last breath.

I didn’t know then that it would affect me years later.

I couldn’t stop drinking when she passed. I drank in the morning, afternoon, evening and night. My sister and I ended up fighting. She told me if I laid a hand on her that she’d call the cops, so I basically let her kick the hell out of me and give me a bloody nose. My dad came downstairs and slapped her into the wall. I had scratches on my neck and drove to my uncles for the night. I hate that I did, but I drank before the funeral. I had to speak. My excuse was liquid courage. Directly after the funeral, I drove back to Columbus. When I arrived, I met a friend and found a serving job on Craigslist. Just two months later, two weeks prior to enlisting, I got my second OVI. My grandma told me to stop drinking before she passed. I was a fool.

I didn’t know then that it would affect me years later.

I went to jail. I moved back to Canton not long after. Military dreams were gone. I began drinking more and doing heavier drugs. I don’t think there’s a drug I didn’t try when I was in my hometown. Later that same year, a doctor prescribed me with a medication. I couldn’t take the emotional pain anymore, so I took nine of the pills. When I couldn’t get them back up, I called my best friend in the city. She saved my life. My heart rate dropped to 30 and I spent three days in ICU. Catheters aren’t fun. I kept doing drugs. I once justified smoking crack cocaine over drinking alcohol. I dropped to 107lbs.

I didn’t know then that it would affect me years later.

I moved back to Columbus in April 2017, approximately seven months after being in hometown. Since then, I’ve become sober. By no means was it easy. I made the conscious decision to break those generational curses to have a better quality of life. I’ve found EMDR, which has been a godsend, but sobriety has only given me the strength to begin that healing. I’ve been in EMDR for three years and going on five years sober.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, you can’t make it can’t make it through life unscathed. If you do, you’re not doing it right. We continue to face these trials and tribulations in order to evolve as humans. Comfortability embeds stagnancy. I believe we’re meant to experience pain so that we know what true beauty and love is. Without the bad, how would we know what the good is?

I didn’t know.

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Regret & Grief

It's been a month since my husband of 23 years very suddenly passed away. We had been separated since May of last year bcuz of addiction & the loss of hope. It took years for me to leave. I had to save us from each other, if that makes sense. We have always loved each other & that never changed even after we separated. Recently we had come to the place where we could finally talk to each other again. Like friends, like 2 ppl who can't stop loving each other. I asked for his forgiveness & he gave it freely. The next evening I got the dreaded phone call. The only man I had ever loved was gone. I was out of state in a treatment program for over 90 days. The last time I saw him was when he came to say bye to me when I decided to leave for rehab back in late October. Now I'm back in our home like I had been wishing for but now I have to live knowing he's never coming home to me. It gets harder every single day that I wake up & realize all over again that this is real. I buried my husband. I am not ok & it's so hard to answer ppl when they ask how I am or if I'm ok. I don't even know what to say bcuz I'm so numb so I just say I'm ok. It's a lie. I'm not ok. I'm going crazy inside. I wanna scream & cry. I want to rage. All I do is think about him & how I didn't get to see him since that day in October. He was so proud of me & I'm still sober today but this pain is debilitating & I can hardly cope. I need prayers. #Love #Grief #Loss #regret #Guilt #Addiction #Sobriety

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Today wasn’t bad at all 💜

Christmas with my family has been pleasant and cozy, despite my feeling a little down and having to push through uncomfortable anxiety. Watching movies, waiting on dinner and I’ve done it sober for the first time in a very long time. It hasn’t been perfect, but what is? #Holidays #Depression #Sobriety

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#Sobriety and IG ads

I'm very proud of my 14 years of #Sobriety . And while I wouldn't go as far as to say I was tempted by the non-stop alcohol ads were quite bothersome. So I'm taking a break. Maybe I'll return after the holidays. Maybe not. Either way, I'm doing what's right for me.
#mighty #SOBER #Bipolar2Disorder

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New beginning #MentalHealth #Sobriety #furtherapy

She is both my sanity and my frustration. Only 9 months old. She came to me a month before I had to put down my old girl Sasha that helped me get clean. She is not Sasha, but Miss Bluebell here is healing my heart every day

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