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Escape to the beach..?????

I wanna go sit on the beach
And get so so high
I wanna dance in the sand bare feet
Arms reaching the sky

I wanna get high on the beach
Observe the power of the sea
Inhale the fresh air deeply
Feel peace within me

I wanna go sit on the beach
And get so so high
Emerse my self in freedom
And let the world go by.

#substance abuse #Bipolar # b.p.d #emotional intensity #Escape

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Any antidepressants better or worse than others? #SexualDysfunctions #Not enjoying sex #substance /MedicationInducedSexualDysfunction #DisabilityAndSexuality

I have a hard time with sex. It’s very complicated. It’s a love/hate relationship. I struggle with it for various reasons. Past sexual abuse/assault, very poor body image, being very embarrassed and ashamed of my body, as well as mental blocks from very strict religious upbringing and teachings that painted sex in a very shameful, taboo light.
I’m in a relationship with someone who has a very high sex drive. I had to up my antidepressant meds because I was thinking about suicide a lot and didn’t see the point in living. The increase in dosage helped with that. But unfortunately, what little sex drive I had, was greatly reduced so much so it’s barely there. This is causing a lot of issues in my relationship with my SO.
Any advice? Thanks.


#welcome #Trauma #sexual assault #slavery

just wanted to say hi I'm Penny. I'm 46 new in recovery from 27 years of stimulant abuse, Bipolar and Anxiety that's crippling. I want to start to live. Cirrhosis of the liver, two tumours that thankfully haven't grown, diabetes amongst other things.
I'm a slave in a Total Power Exchange relationship in an alternative Lifestyle. I'm beginning to see traits in my Master that are narcissistic and possibly psychopathic. I'm completely trapped rn but won't be forever.
there's too much to write and I've got to sleep n live in Sydney, Australia

thanks for being here
C-PTSD # #slavery # Bipolar #substance Abuse #Trauma

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I don't know what to do I was abused all my childhood and I thought growing up would solve everything. As I grew up old I always stayed away from my home. I even left my own country. I started doing drugs because l always had stress. Now the drugs are not helping. I don't know what to do now. Usually when I get drunk I end attempting to kill myself. I don't know how long I can keep on doing this. # #Hope #Suicide #SuicidalIdeation #substance /MedicationInducedSexualDysfunction


The Steps

I’m almost to thirty days of #Sobriety . While I realize #Depression is not something that just goes away because I took one #substance out of the equation, I wonder if anyone here found #Solace in taking the steps (of the 12 from #AA ); if not, what was your mindset? As an #Atheist , I am still open to the understanding that I don’t know everything and that “higher god” can be whatever leads me to living the life I know I want to have.


Recovery in progress #Depression #substance abuse

The way things feel are like a nightmare to me. I feel trapped no matter what my situation is, and lately ive been drinking to numb myself. I served time in prison when i was in my early twenties and i still get haunted by the memories. There are time's when i cant live with myself anymore.