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Mania or insomnia?

I feel like my brain is stuck in fight or flight mode, and idk how to escape this. 2 nights this week I have not slept a minute. I’m missing work bc of this. I could loose my job. I just got put on Wellbutrin last month and I think it’s causing more harm than good. I got an appointment with my mental health provider on Monday. I don’t know if this is a manic episode or pure insomnia. The sleep medications aren’t working. I just wish my brain would chill out. 💕💕💕

#Mania #Bipolar2Disorder #Insomnia #fightorflight #Speaklife #TheSecretLifeOfTheManicDepressive

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Speaking Value Over Yourself

You are WHAT you say you are & WHO you say you are~ No one else can decide that. What you feel matters, holds value, and is valid! What you deserve masters, and it's what your life should be! I know pain just as we all do! I also know love, because I've learned to give it to myself. I hope as the new morning breaks or when it greets you, you'll be KIND to yourself, and #Speaklife into your days! #checkinwiththemighty #mantra #Positivity #words #InsideTheMighty #overcoming



Today, and every day I choose to be thankful for my life, my family, friends, church family , and every blessing that God gives me. In a world and time when everyone and everything is going crazy, I choose to be thankful, grateful, and blessed!