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Out of place .....

That way when you look at an object or a picture or anything at all that makes you notice something there is either different from all the rest so stands out or something is missing....thats what I feel when I took this photo....
Is it beautiful because its the one part that stands out or is it an unknown feeling because it is out of place ....
Not sure if any of this is even getting my point across but its the way my head is going tonight ....
I think it is stunning and love the fact it stands out....

#youmatter #MentalHealth #Anxiety #Depression #CheckInWithMe #Endometriosis #Insomnia
#StandOut #speakout #DailyReminder #YouAreBeautiful

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Why have blue hair

I recently dyed my hair blue for the second time. Having blue hair often gets people’s attention and many people ask me why do i have blue hair, for the first time i did it, my only answer was because it’s fun and it’s my favourite colour. That answer didn’t really have any meaning to me and i’ve been trying to figure out why I liked having blue hair, why did I dye it again, after it had all grew back to my natural brown hair. Today I realized why and i feel like I learned something about myself and this is something I am proud of since i often don’t understand myself.

I realized I loved having blue hair because as a person I am shy and it’s hard for me to go talk to people and make friends. Having blue hair makes it easier. People come talk to me and compliment me and I like the attention, I like that it creates a conversation topic and that since i’m shy and don’t stand out in a group, it helps me make an impression gives me a push start at getting to know people #Blue #StandOut #Selfesteem