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I was just enjoying music and I got told basically to get in the kitchen to cook my mood is totally defeat feeling #Blue

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I'm mad about that #Blue

I've had a bad day
My hometown is falling down
I'm mad about that!
And the people there
Don't seem to care
I'm mad about that!
Good God all my tears
There's no denying
Life would be better if I never ever had to live with you...
It's a colour so cruel
Government got me wrong
I'm mad about that!
And it makes me feel like I don't belong
I'm mad about that!
" Blue"
Life would be better if I never ever had to live with you!

Lyrics "Blue" fyc
Sums up how I feel today
Thought I'd share ❤️

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What do you do when you're feeling #Blue #Lowmood #copinghow ? #shareyourstory #whathelpsyousmile #whohelpsyousmile #Depression #stratergy

Through being ill for over 11years one of the awful parts is suffering with depression. So have found over the years, ways of coping to understand that I may not be able to.control my low moods but I can work through them by finding ways of coping so that I don't spiral or lose of the best tonics for me is simply just seeing my grandsons, they have such a beautiful, innocent gift that they share with me. Their smiles, faces, eyes, scent, are all so powerful, at times, more effective that any medication that I take!
Please, if you wish, share with me & others, your reasons for smiling even when you're low 🙂


I mean maybe the problem is with the house cuz every time i get home my mood just changes to blue.
#Depression#home#Blue#House#Sadness ‎#غم ‏#آبي

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#Blue blue ocean

My August challenge-the varied blues of the ocean....the place that calm soul & centers me. On my last row...

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Gloomy mood #Gloomy #down #sad #anxious #Blue #Vent

I'm kinda doing my own self- reflection until I can get into see a therapist and I've noticed for a while that I get a little down when there is nothing really planned during the weekends. I get almost lost on how to entertain my kids when my husband works on Saturdays. I know there is plenty to do and I do find ways to fill the day but it still doesn't take away the dread I get on Fridays.

My family is really small and there aren't cousins my kids can go play with and not many neighborhood kids outside either. I always have this pressure to entertain my kids. I don't want them glued to electronics so I get us outdoors or I invite some of their friends over.

I think I get this way because it reminds me that I'm not close with anyone in my family and it makes me sad.

I'm trying to work thru these emotions and get to the bright side of the situation.


Why have blue hair

I recently dyed my hair blue for the second time. Having blue hair often gets people’s attention and many people ask me why do i have blue hair, for the first time i did it, my only answer was because it’s fun and it’s my favourite colour. That answer didn’t really have any meaning to me and i’ve been trying to figure out why I liked having blue hair, why did I dye it again, after it had all grew back to my natural brown hair. Today I realized why and i feel like I learned something about myself and this is something I am proud of since i often don’t understand myself.

I realized I loved having blue hair because as a person I am shy and it’s hard for me to go talk to people and make friends. Having blue hair makes it easier. People come talk to me and compliment me and I like the attention, I like that it creates a conversation topic and that since i’m shy and don’t stand out in a group, it helps me make an impression gives me a push start at getting to know people #Blue #StandOut #Selfesteem


#Depression #Blue

My feelings are like the color blue. Like the ocean, or the sky. It's deep and goes on forever. The deeper you go through Blue, the darker it becomes. Some days I am blue with beautiful, white, puffy clouds. It's a perfect day. Other days, I am drowning in the ocean. I am falling below the crystal blue water, and sinking to the darkest parts that nobody has yet explored. I am lost. Then, just like that, I am found again. Floating and flying and going so high. It's a roller coaster ride that I cannot escape. I am forced to sit, and try to enjoy the ride that has gone on for years and does not look like it will stop. It has taken other passengers, and they have gotten off quickly because they cannot take in all of the Blue. I am here still though. Blue will not continue to keep me stranded by myself. I will win.



A heart, dark as death, itself disguised by laughter. It started out innocent.

But then out of the blue came your attack. Fast and quick forever leaving a scalding burn of embarrassment upon my identity. Who would have guessed that in just one simple movement you could degrade someone so spitefully. Though your only weapon may have been the pen, paper couldn’t lesson the pain of each well timed blow.

Years have passed but I shall never forget the scalding pain of your daring glare, forever inviting me to just give in. I was living life in the light of day but after you I was pulled into the darkness of the never ending nightmare that now consumes my every other thought.

I blame myself and only myself for my naive nature forbids me still, to blame anyone other than me. I wasn’t always like this but now it’s all that I am destined to become. Out of the blue you launched your trap, capturing me in a deadly web of lies.

I tried desperately to escape but ended in the blue itself. I watched you spitefully laughing from the outside. While I struggled to stay afloat, willing myself just to find someone in whom I could confide. In the end I couldn’t stand it, I released the overwhelming tide of emotions that for so long had threatened to overcome me.

Out of the blue the sheer ferocity of your actions hit me with a startling and painful realisation. Relief hit but then the crushing weight of reality and shame revealed itself to me. It was then the understanding dawned upon me,

I would never truly be … out of the blue.
#Anxiety #AnxietyDisorders #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #Depression