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My Daily Mantra

#mantra #DailyReminder #Higherpower #peace #NeverAlone #ForeverTogether

Just a little something that helps me get through even the most painful flare. Maybe it will help others as well. 💜

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This overwhelming, crippling,exhausting pain of anxiety and depression has really taken over at the moment, I no longer feel myself at all, I no longer even recognise myself and feel I am just here and alive but not really existing or living anymore.....my old self feels like its no longer even in reach now and i just feel ive completely lost myself.....
So sick of this feeling .....

#MentalHealth #Anxiety #Depression #CheckInWithMe #Endometriosis #BipolarDepression #Insomnia #Bekind #DailyReminder #youmatter

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And Breathe....

After a busy fun week with the kids , and a good few of my episodes (lot more than I had expected) I really needed few days away camping...
Thats the crazy thing about My so called relatives that I dont want anything to do with (ANXIETY &DEPRESSION)and all the horrible feelings along with them even when I am doing fun things on thinking im ok BANG !!!!that feeling of being hit by a large object super fast comes and then the confusion as to why as I had thought I was OK???why were they back NOW ???Well I dont know and not sure if I ever will understand those parts but for now I am trying to learn to accept it and instead of freaking out and getting way worse I am trying to learn how to be ok and just get through it and not beat myself up or put my body or mind and feelings through anymore than they already have to suffer......
So few days away should hopefully help .....

#youmatter #MentalHealth #Anxiety #Depression #CheckInWithMe #Endometriosis #Bekind #DailyReminder #Outdoors #DistractMe #DependentPersonalityDisorder #struggling

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Out of place .....

That way when you look at an object or a picture or anything at all that makes you notice something there is either different from all the rest so stands out or something is missing....thats what I feel when I took this photo....
Is it beautiful because its the one part that stands out or is it an unknown feeling because it is out of place ....
Not sure if any of this is even getting my point across but its the way my head is going tonight ....
I think it is stunning and love the fact it stands out....

#youmatter #MentalHealth #Anxiety #Depression #CheckInWithMe #Endometriosis #Insomnia
#StandOut #speakout #DailyReminder #YouAreBeautiful

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Bedtime thought's ....

It's that time again like clockwork where my mind and my stomach just seem to know its bedtime and I would love to chill and relax so they both set off everything into superspeed overdrive !!!
Trying to make tonight's thoughts a little more positive cause it feels its going to be a long one ....

So to anyone in the same boat ...
I'm here ♡
Hello ♡

#youmatter #MentalHealth #Anxiety #Depression #CheckInWithMe #Endometriosis #Insomnia #alone #mighties #DistractMe #DailyReminder #youareimportant

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Self-Care: Joys

I want to share with everyone something that has become an important, daily way to practice self-care: my "Joys" Journal.

It's a journal that's designated specifically to write daily about what gives you joy and happiness in your life, or a way to joyfully write down some of your wins/accomplishments that you achieve while going through mental/physical pain and suffering.

I suffer from bipolar disorder that I was very recently diagnosed with. So I've really suffered for a long time with extremely negative self talk as I tried to manage a life of extreme highs and lows that I couldn't explain.

To combat the self talk, I started my "Joys" Journal. Every single day I write down things/people that gave me Joy the previous day and current day, depending what time I write.

If you want to try and create your own "Joys" Journal, my advice is to start simple. Especially if you are going through an extra tough time in your life. Make it as simple as you can, and make a more generalized list, for example from my earlier entries:

• My daughter
• My husband
• My mom, dad and brother
• Music
• Italian food
• Art

... and so on.

Now, when I write in my journal I get more specific things. Like "My daughter gave me Joy yesterday...when we were painting rocks together, out of nowhere she looks up at me and says, 'I love you.'"

I've even found a way to find Joy in my darkest moments:

"My husband gave me Joy yesterday. I had the worst panic attack in the late afternoon, and I thought I wasn't going to make it through... but he came to my side and held me in a squeeze and talked me down from a 10 to a manageable 6, where then he told me to take take care of myself, to take my meds and go to sleep early. He is such a Joy in my life how he compassionately loves me in spite of my darkness."

One last tip to help make your Joys journaling a habit is to keep your journal out in plain sight where you can't possibly miss seeing it. In spite of my hatred for visual clutter, I keep my journal on our coffee table where I see it every morning when I have my morning cup of tea.

I encourage anyone who suffers through any kind of darkness in your life to try and start your own "Joys" Journal. For me, it's given me a way to switch my thoughts away from my suffering onto the GOOD I have in my life, and all the good moments I experience, no matter how small they may seem. Even during my darkest days, for the short time I take writing my Joys I have the opportunity to switch my brain from the bad to the good. To celebrate my wins and Joys and loves I have experienced every day... to celebrate my life.

Thanks for letting me share - to anyone who reads this I will send out light and love to you all, in hopes that you can start focusing on your light and your love... and your Joys.

from me to you ♥️,

#Selfcare #Selflove #Joy #RoomForJoy #Depression #Anxiety #BipolarDisorder #Pain #Motivation #DailyReminder #Love

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Whew this one caught me at the right time today and I'm guessing it speaks to many of us as we continue to adapt to the ever-changing world of COVID19. I'm trying to lean into some tough change and admit where I might need to relinquish some control. It's tough, but I have to believe the benefits will be worth the risks. If you have some quotes that are resonating with you right now I would love to see some new thoughts posted!

#DailyReminder #DailyInspirations #Recovery #COVID19 #MentalHealth