Subacute Bacterial Endocarditis

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Subacute Bacterial Endocarditis
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Celebrating Life

I’m so stoked about my new shirt! This is my favorite quote, and when I saw it on a stroke survivor shirt, I had to have it. Next week will be my 3 year strokeversary! So very thankful to still be alive and able to enjoy and live my best life! I AM THE STORM! 💚 #Strokesurvivor #Subarachnoidhemorrhage #SubacuteBacterialEndocarditis #PosturalOrthostaticTachycardiaSyndrome

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We are all fighting a hard battle ....

The older I get the more I realize that there are real injustices in this world. Young people fighting serious illness, hard working people that give it their all and still go without and kind people that can’t catch a break. Sometimes it all just seems like too much… why even bother? As someone that struggles with depression I tend to overthink and delve in much deeper than I probably should. I want to find the purpose in these injustices …. I want to know why life is sometimes so cruel and unfair.
Recently I witnessed a young man that appeared healthy and in the best shape of his life, suffer from a rare health issue that left him on life support within a matter of 24 hours. There were no warning bells or signs outside of a few minor symptoms that most of us would dismiss without thinking twice. I watched a family that appeared to have it all reduced to living minute by minute and hour by hour. Their life of friends, travel and career now replaced with scans, doctors reports and long term prognosis reports. As a parent I hurt deeply for this family and feel the helplessness that anyone with children would feel in this situation. If the truth be known… I was angry. Where is the fairness in this…
Its in these times that we see the good in humanity. Friends drop everything and travel across the country to sit by the bedside of the person they love, prayers of healing are lifted from hearts that have been broken, strangers hurt for people they have never personally met but are bonded by simply being parents. In our questioning of why do these things happen, we guilty thank God its not our family… We hold our children tight and hurt for those families that can’t do the same tonight. Its in these times that we realize the importance of giving the only thing that we have to give … Hope. We can’t fix the problems of the world but we can be kind, show love and always give hope to those hurting. Even in the darkest of days, we have the ability to speak life and healing in the hearts of those that are broken and scared. Hope can heal situations that medicine can’t begin to touch. Hope can bring back the will to fight and to hang on just a little longer. Hope is possibly the most powerful gift that we can give to those hurting. Everyone is fighting a hard battle and everyone is hurting to some degree. Show love to everyone, be kind always and when you think there is nothing that you can do – give Hope. #Depression #Hope #Kindness #Love #FamilyAndFriends #ChronicIllness #Parenting #Anxiety #Endocarditis #SubacuteBacterialEndocarditis #Love