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Solved a writing impasse today!

Today, I finally got some progress made on one of my book writing projects! I've been wanting to for months, but just haven't had the energy, or the inspiration. Worse, every time I tried to start working on it, I ran across the same impasse, where I couldn't figure out how to transform this bulleted list of random thoughts into connected prose. Today, I was suddenly inspired to just start writing some stuff, and after several pages (or maybe only a few, but lots of writing, anyways) I suddenly figured out how to solve my impasse!!! And I even learned how to use the cross reference and bookmark functions (sort of) so that I can organize everything, and sort out all the accumulated thoughts into something coherent!! So that means I even know the next step for the next time I work on it!!

Oh, yeah, and I hyperfocused on it for like 6 hours today!! 😁😁😂. Not straight, but pretty close. No break longer than 10 minutes, probably closer to 5. And only 2 of those! (And a couple 1-2 minutes ones, if that.)

So no walk today, but I probably needed the rest anyways.

Now, as I wind down for the night, the happier it makes me!

Oh yeah, this one is on some of the things I've learned in my decades of dealing with depression and trauma.

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Control. I have my own desires, dreams and beliefs. I have a domineering person in my life that is a part of my Mental Illness support network.

Freedom and peace. Freedom and peace. I am 44 years young and have been controlled by a domineering person in my life. I am in need of freedom and peace. I unfortunately and fortunately got myself into financial/legal trouble. My only help was/is the domineering person. I recently was hospitalized for a psychotic break. I had made so much progress. The root cause was depression/suicidal feelings acted out by disrupting my Mental Illness self care regimen. I lied about my thoughts and behavior to family and community friends. Despite having a lot of love and support in my life, I struggle with self hate/fear and GUILT. Fear of being alone when this domineering person passes away and fear of the evil in the world. Paranoid thoughts centered around religion. I truly am HAPPY when I am creating. I'm a writer/indie published author and graphic designer (Novice but love it). I am overwhelmed by constantly stressing out about FIXING EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE. I am learning that GOD has that job I am supposed to recovering from my recent hospitalization. All day everyday I obsess over fixing my life myself. I'm an ambitious, egotistical visionary. I am not going to give up. This is all a big test and resilience is in my DNA. If you feel like I do I welcome your thoughts
and experience. God bless you and keep on Winning by being yourself, enjoy your gifts/talents. Smile, laugh and focus on Light instead of darkness. You're here for a reason. Love Light Optimistic beliefs are tools to succeed/endure/ WIN😉 #mental Illness, #successful Life, #winning , #Gratitude ,#overcoming Fear, #overcoming Depression


Sometimes it’s hard to get out of bed

I googled ‘how to get out of bed’ not thinking it was depression. I’ve also recently gained 10lbs, successful everyday and have my own business but fight to get out bed most days. My grandfather just past away so logistically and mentally challenging, the 100 + slide ppt, my speech, my song, money for the mariachi. So much anxiety that I can’t do all of those things, plus my full time job and fulfill my wife duties. I feel so lost sometimes. #Depression #successful #BingeEatingDisorder


Don't Stress Over Success #Anxiety

  So many people in the world stress out about being successful. But the majority of them probably don’t even know what “success” they’re chasing after. It could be financial, emotional, physical, etc, etc. But anyways, the dictionary definition of success goes something like this:

the accomplishment of an aim or purpose

the attainment of popularity or profit

a person or thing that achieves desired aims or attains prosperity

the outcome of an undertaking, specified as achieving or failing to achieve its aims 

But most people fail to see what the true meaning of success really is, and I am one of them. 

For me, success is being happy with what I do. It’s the journey along the way to success that really makes it successful. If you think about it, the most successful people started out as failures. For example, Thomas Edison, who invented the lightbulb. He failed like 10,000 different times before he got the right combination; but once he got it, he was this crazy genius. Crazy? Yes, crazy, because that’s exactly what people thought he was. He was basically (up until the point of his success) seen as a crazy failure. 

This leads me to my next point, the fact that people base their ideas of success off of the way the world sees certain things. I mean, maybe the extremely #successful people are just lucky, blessed, or they just love what they do. Or D, all of the above.

Another key to success is just simply finding out what you love, and keeping an open mind for things you’re unsure about. A lot of people don’t really have an open mind to new ideas or anything new really because they are afraid. They are afraid of failure, and I’m right there with them. But it’s okay to be afraid, just don’t let it control your life. At some point, you have to overcome the fear and uncertainties and just go for it. Just do you. And once you’ve tried something new, and if you decide that you don’t like it, then you know “Maybe this isn’t me.”, and you get to try something else. 

Like I mentioned earlier, to really know what success is, we have to go on a journey, an adventure. Without the journey, we don’t know what failure looks like, and you can’t have success without failure. You can’t have one without the other. You just can’t. And that’s why a lot of people struggle with success specifically because they strive to have success and no failure. But that’s just unrealistic. Whoever thought up the idea that you can be 100% successful and never ever fail at anything has really set current and future generations up for doom. 

So I guess what I am trying to say is that success is doing what you want and being happy with it. Money, fame, and whatever else you want is secondary. Nothing will ever surpass true success and happiness. Just enjoy the journey and don't wish it away. When you fall, get back up again. That’s how it’s supposed to be.