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    ADA 32

    <p>ADA 32</p>
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    What’s been your experience with dining out as a disabled person?

    <p>What’s been your experience with dining out as a disabled person?</p>
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    Just joined

    Hi everyone! I just discovered the social networking side of this site, and am excited to be a part of this! I am on the autism spectrum, have ADHD, and fairly recent vision loss due to retinal detachment in one eye. I'm excited to share and talk with others interested in disability advocacy/self advocacy and coping with decreased vision. #ADHD #ASD #VisionLoss #Anxiety #DisabilityAdvocacy

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    What’s a question you’re sick of being asked about your disability?

    <p>What’s a question you’re sick of being asked about your disability?</p>
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    Your Suggestions Are Welcome!

    Hello friends,

    My real name is Michael and I live in Cleveland. I've been struggling with treatment-resistant depression and anxiety most of my life. Now I have physical health problems to create a "vicious circle" such as cardiac problems, etc. I've decided, at age 55, that I'd like to get a freelance writing career going to occupy my mind (I'm on Disability and can't stand the purposelessness of my life) and hopefully make some extra dough (I get 900 a month--that's not a living wage!) I was wondering if y'all had any topics you may like to see me focus on in my writing--right now, I'm concentrating on topics such as Disability, the Americans With Disabilities Act, etc., and mental health. Please share here and I'll do my best to incorporate them. Thanks, friends--upward and onward!! #DisabilityAdvocacy

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    Thoughts about my cane and being able to walk with ease again

    I have been relatively able-bodied my entire life, but recently, getting around has been.. unusually hard. I can walk short distances and I can stand on my own, but.. over time everything starts to hurt and get really, really heavy.

    I thought about getting myself a walking cane at the nearest drugstore, but it took a long time for me to even consider- was something like that not made for someone like me, who can still.. sorta walk? But after too many pained incidents, I caved and got one.

    This little thing is a blessing to me. I can actually walk a decent way without fatigue or pain from carrying the weight of my body! I'm so glad I bought one, even if it was nothing fancy.

    Maybe, reader, this is an encouragement to go out and treat yourself to an accommodation you may be withholding because you believe you're "not disabled enough". If it helps you, it helps! I can't recommend being kind to yourself in this way more, whether in mind or body.

    #Cane #DisabilityAdvocacy #DisabilityRights #InvisibleDisability

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    Please feel free to subscribe

    Please feel free to subscribe to my new channel. I had a YouTube channel with the same name but I decided to make a clean slate. I talk about my disability and I talk about how the non disabled society treats us but they shouldn't treat us badly. I also talk about having a disability is not a bad thing. You should be proud of your disability because that's what makes you you, but you shouldn't let it define your worth. So if you would like to keep updated please subscribe to my channel. I will be posted individual pictures too when I make them. So please subscribe. And remember to ask yourself, Would you rather be a VICTIM that everyone wants you to be, or the hopeful VICTOR?!?!?!?!. Only you can make that choice.
    #liftmeup #DisabilityAdvocacy #Disability #DisabilityBenefits #conqueryourmind