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    The judgement of others

    Why do so many people believe the narratives that others create for someone over the narrative of the person living the life? A narrative created by someone about their own life is better told than one from someone that may or may not know the person. When you have a mental illness it is so easy for you to lose your voice when others try to write your story. This can be the result of anxiety, fear of social situations, a fear of conflict, a lack of self worth, or any other mental illness or condition. People are to quick to judge and stigmatize. It is easier in this world to find someone that stigmatize you and bring you down for your mental illness than it is to find someone that will support you and listen to your story. We need to create a society that doesn't look down on someone with a mental illness. We need to stop allowing suicide related to mental illness being a silent killer that doesn't get talked about. Stigmatization and the removal of your ability to tell your own story contribute to people being pushed to suicide rather than saved from ever getting that far.

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    Time to call Society Out!! WHY?? No Warning

    we need to save our future and it’s not the children’s fault and if we don’t do it no one will, and we are at fault too for failing them, No one deserves this punishment.. #childsexualabusesurvior #ChildAbuse #ChildSexualAbuse #standUpForChildren #MentalHealth #Awareness #MentalIllness #childrenrights #EndTheStigma #beahero #warriors #strongesthumanbeings #badass #takebackyourvoice