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    Hey GP WARRIORS! I hope everyone had a great weekend with a New Year beginning.
    Wheither you were out or cozied up at home let’s start this on anew! 〰️A RESET〰️ for all of us 💚

    #Gastroparesis #warriors #TheMighty

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    Sending light and love to all our #Gastroparesis #warriors out there! 💪🏼💚

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    Im always sad at night when everyone else gets to sleep but not me

    Im up to battle my pains alone…I can take a few pain killers and others… but that would take away my days and leave me asleep for a few days too. I don’t want to sleep my life away…don’t like to not be able to function and feel sleepy all the time too. To all my fellow night warriors-let us not grow weary and cheer each other on because no one else knows of these battles we deal with but us! Fighting!! I hope some of you warriors are able to sleep tonight at least… #warriors #FamilialHemiplegicMigraine #IBSD #ChronicPain #Fibromyalgia #Neuropathy #BackPain #insomia #AtrialFibrillationAndStroke #ChronicMigraines #chronic


    Question re: sporadic painful spasms/body jerks

    Wanting to know if anyone gets these. Orginally I use to get these muscle spasms that I think are in my arms or legs. Now in my #hands as well
    They are extremely #painful and tend to happen when I am extremely tired, hadn’t slept or needing sleep.

    Now they seem to be happening more frequently and violently. I may be on the couch watching tv and all of a sudden my body will violently #Jerk . I may be holding my cell phone and it flies out of my hands (this happens often).

    After it happens I’m wide awake because it is extremely painful.
    It reminds me of like when you #fall #asleep and you dream that you fall. You wake up because your #body jerks but it is normally not painful.

    It’s not the same as when you get a #Muscle spasm in your #back or #legs it’s more like the #whole #body #spasms . Does anyone understand what I’m talking about??? Or get this feeling? Thank you #Gentlehugs #warriors

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    Hey dear Mighties! Hope all of you are doing good.
    Just a little reminder to never ever give up, keep fighting keep pushing through. Because you are stronger then your struggles. Your a warrior and you'll win. Maybe it'll take a while but time is worth it. Stay brave, love yourself have a great day!
    #Depression #Anxiety #Mightyfamily #loveyourself #warriors