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Touching and how it affects me #MightyTogether

I have this feeling some days that I don't want to be touched by a certain person who is actually very close to me. It leaves this weird feeling. Non sexual. But it just bothers me so much that I cringe. What could it be? Is there underlying trauma that I don't know about? Is it trust issues? I don't really know. #touching #Trauma #BipolarDisorder

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As autistic/Asperger’s adults are there services (barber shop/beauty salon, chiropractor) that you just don’t like? #CheckInWithMe #Autism

We all hear about kids on the spectrum that don’t like to be touched. That means haircuts, dentists, doctors and similar experiences terrify them so badly that some have a meltdown.

What you don’t hear about is adults with these same problems. Do we grow out of it? Does it happen and we’re too ashamed to talk about it? Do you have fears and if so, what are they?

I’m writing something on this subject and your feedback would be very helpful and greatly appreciated. #AspergersSyndrome #Aspergers #Fear #Meltdowns #AutismMeltdowns #touching #help


#touching base

Well I’m doing ok but taking my anxiety pills when I go threw my episodes which are still fairly often but hey that’s life and pushing threw it

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#touching on #morethanworthy

If I had to say I am #morethanworthy
I am #morethanworthy  because, before I was even born,
#godkneweveryhairofmyhead , even in my mother's womb.
I am #morethanworthy because even with my #Pain , #Scars , and my #brokenness , I have touched others' lives in #Love and #openness .
I am #morethanworthy  because whether or not I realized it,
there was somebody #waitingformetotouchtheirlife with a #sharedexperience  that would help shape both of us.
You are #morethanworthy ,too. Somewhere, some time, somebody
waits for #yourtouchontheirlife , whether it will be permanent, or a fleeting gift given in passing. Both will make a mark.
We are #morethanworthy because, to quote a #dickenscharacter ,we really are all "...fellow passengers to the grave,and not another race of creatures bound on other journeys."We all share this life as long as we're here, and we can #choose how we will live it with others. #choose to be #morethanworthy .