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"I can give you this, but you need to calm down first."

It's upsetting how we on the spectrum have to be calm in order to get the things we need to calm down.#Autism #MentalHealth #Meltdowns

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At Work - 5 Minutes...

At work they are very good about the autism. I can have 5 minutes when the autism hits and meltdowns occur but....
The other day it was very busy very busy! Rude people and I started shaking and asked supervisor to have 5 minutes. She was helping the queues so she said 1 minute. My other supervisor on tills asked. This young couple came up and I said to them just give me 1 minute so I just stepped from the till (few seconds). They put there stuff on and I said I have autism, starting to shake it’s to busy. They were absolutely fine ❤️. I told Sharna I will stay on work through it. Just explained to the other customer am shaking bit and out of breath cause my autism. They were all fine and at the end of it my supervisor came to me and said “So proud of you” xxxx #MentalHealth #Autism #Meltdowns (Hoping to work my way anyway I go. Want to work with animal but covid might as well try hard at my work now) xxx


Very bad day #Ableism

Having a very bad day. Hormones aren't helping. Had the worst customer service experience with the phone company today. Should've been a simple thing. The ignorance, lack of training, and now difficulty filing a complaint due to the extreme ableism of this company is making me almost want to go nuclear!!! Narrowly avoided a meltdown while in the store today due to denial of my support person, frustration at the ignorance, lack of comprehension of a simple concept ( I know I was communicating clearly. I've had much practice learning the difference over the years.) and clear lack of training of the person I was dealing with, and the person he called at headquarters or wherever, and sensory overload just about did me in!!! Especially when several other customers were all talking elsewhere in the store, and it was echoing!! The lighting wasn't great either, though I don't think it was fluorescent at least.

I was sooo tempted to go get mom and get her to trade places with me! She was in the car since they wouldn't let her in. I couldn't figure out how to make it work though. Thought it might only make things worse.

Thankfully I had put some silly putty in my belt pouch the other day after a different bad day recently. It helped some. Still almost had to dig out earplugs and sunglasses! If my hands were free I probably would've but I had my phone and accessories (landline) in a bag in my other hand.

Without 20+ years of active management of this sort of thing ( many at University) and much help from autistic friends, on practical suggestions, there would've been much more than just signs of agitation and exasperation and frustration for everybody to see!!!

Now to try to get back to writing my complaint. (In a real email, to be cut and pasted into their form once I have sorted it all out and cleaned it up! Because they don't respect people with communication difficulties and language organization an output and processing issues!) #Autism #AutismAdvocacy #Ableism #Meltdowns #SensoryOverload #accessibilityneeds #Accessibility #accessdenied #CommunicationDevices #CommunicationDisorders


I’m having a meltdown at work and I used the F word at my boss # #Anxiety #aspbergers #Autism #nvld #Meltdowns #Work

I just had a major meltdown at work and I’m still having it! I said the F word to my boss because I’m overwhelmed and the only one scheduled for my area right now. My job coach isn’t helping. I don’t want to leave but I think I might get fired for say that word to my boss in front of costumers.


Autism and my Personality mixed up! #Autism #MentalHealth

I really am thinking backwards today. What if the autism side I thought which is obsessive,cancels a lot, panic attacks, doesn’t understand facial expressions, shakes, aggressive, moody. IS ME!!
And the Me is the autism which is kind, animal loving, caring,trustworthy and that is the AUTISM. Just wondering what my life would be and me if I wasn’t autistic! Anyone else does this thinking? So many people have left not cause I thought they were the wrong people but because they figured this out!
#Autism #Meltdowns #hearmeout #MentalHealth

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#Depression and/or #Anxiety during the festive period. #Autism #ADHD #Meltdowns #Pressure #Loneliness #Relationships

Does anyone else find this time of year brings a significant increase in upsetting symptoms of #Anxiety and #Depression .

I am autistic and only in the past 4 years I have found it an increasingly stressful time of year.

I'm more prone to meltdown, feeling apathy and low mood and definitely lost all "Christmas Spirit"

I go along with it all for the benefit of my children, we make things and decorate the house, but I no longer feel excitement or joy. My husband is very supportive.

This year is especially tough as I had #COVID19 in March, and ever since I've been a #longcovid / #longhauler still suffering with residual illness, which induced a long #Depression episode during the summer, I'm only just coming through but I'm no where near better yet.

I feel #Christmas and the pressure to be 'happy joyful skipping around singing carols' whilst having a bustling social life is really oppressive ( especially when you feel so bad you cant even use WhatsApp or leave the house) its a massive negative influence on my mood. It's sad but I wish it was all over by now

I'm so apathetic this weekend we just received our new car we had worked so hard to save for and I couldn't care less. I feel so ungrateful. This isnt like me at all. I love cars!

I dont have good #Relationships at the moment either (I'm sure many of you with #Longtermillness can relate) my 'friends' all disappeared when I didnt get better immediately. I fell out with my sisters too as they planned a whole family vacation without my family. (And kept it a secret) bearing in mind it is for next year I'd hopefully of been well to go.

So it's very upsetting seeing all the lovely (but fake) advets of families and friends having the time of their lives on tv social media etc.

Does anybody else feel this way each year? The pressure to be happy and have these unrealistic amazing experiences at #Christmas and feeling bad and anxious in the lead up to it?

I used to relish and look forward to it. (I'm only 33 and only been feeling this way about 4 years now)

Sorry for the rant I feel so guilty to not be feeling like mrs Christmas



Major Meltdown

Well last Friday, I chewed up the Mighty staff. Tried to delete everything on my account. My apologies.

Saturday I chewed up a friend and my brother. Thankfully they're both used to it. We've all chewed each other enough, we have learned to get over it.

Monday evening. I chewed up the neighbor, who also has developmental disabilities. We chewed each other till the cops came. The we chewed the cops up till we both got drug off to different hospitals.

Then I chewed the hospital staff till I got a shot. The. I spent the next couple days in the quiet room getting more shots. After a couple more days I got out last night.

I seen my Dr today. Upped some meds. I am starting zoom group therapy on Monday.

What a week. I guess I am back.

#Autism #BipolarDisorder #Meltdowns

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Can you hear me now #MentalHealth

Good! i hope so. welcome back peeps lol being autistic and being unheard is a trigger and a problem for me. it leds to a meltdown and a ptsd attacck. it does happen. You were given a voice to be heard but god didnt tell you that when you finally could express it for the first time people wouldn't take you so seriously. it's just a kids words over an adult. Even though the narcissistic asshole found ways of manipulation and what not to cover up his filthy tracks. Being unheard and abused sucked. you just want someone to listen and believe you. not wait 30 years to hear i believe u now. #Autism #ChildAbuse #Meltdown #Meltdowns #PTSD #ADHD #epi #CheckInWithMe #ArtTherapy #PanicDisorder #PanicAttacks #Depression #Anxiety