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Today's thought:

I have Gratuitous amounts of things to Be ashamed of, embarrassed of, and hate about myself. I could if I wanted to sit and think about all the worst parts of who I was everyday. That's not going to help me grow. I am a better person now, but one thing I still struggle with is getting out of my own way. I am my biggest critic, my worst enemy, my hardest hurdle.

However, I am also my source of solitude, my best friend, my biggest fan. That is, if I allow myself to be. I can be stubborn and like an immovable force sometimes, but today I'm choosing to get out of my own way. #today I #choose me. Today, I begin to #forgive myself and #remember how far I've come.


#Depression #Anxiety #BipolarDisorder #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #PTSD

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Light or darkness

If you live in the OR places
You can't see but what make the right or wrong of what going on.
When you choose to 🚶‍♂️ step out of the OR 🌎 world
Start see, hearing, feeling what going around you in side you give your self choose that you could not see before
Go from
light or darkness
Light and darkness
# knowing
# light

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Behind every face is another mask #mask #innervoice

Working with many people I realize the angriest people are the most saddest and hurt individuals. I know communication is 70% non verbal. So when I encounter a mean, angry person I silently tell them "I see you. I know life has dealt you some hard shit. But I see the light within you and I love you. You are loved, you are seen. You are beloved."
Time and time again others around me are puzzled by a pleasant interaction with the most acrid person.
Be kind. We all go through things that are often times hidden away. Inside many of us is a terrified, sad child who cries for help.
#Bekind #ChooseLove #choose #seebeyond #namaste


Choices #choices

Every choice that we make, no matter how small - reinforces the perception of #control and self-efficacy. And when we feel we are in control, we feel #Motivated - as to #motivate ourselves, we must feel in control.
Even if making a decision delivers no benefit, we still want the #freedom to #choose .
If you are struggling to complete something, some task - then CHOOSE to do the most interesting part of the task first.

When things are at their most measurable, WE should ask each other questions that begin with "WHY" - this helps in linking something hard to a choice we care about - and then it makes the task easier.
But if you want a mere escape, you want diversions - then the more choices you will be given or you'll seek for, the less satisfied you'll feel. And then you must be able to choose what you want to give up.
What are your #Thoughts on it?

P.S. This piece of writing has been #inspired by the #Book , The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. If you want answers to your own 'why we do, what we do', then this book is a must read.
Your comments are welcome.


#touching on #morethanworthy

If I had to say I am #morethanworthy
I am #morethanworthy  because, before I was even born,
#godkneweveryhairofmyhead , even in my mother's womb.
I am #morethanworthy because even with my #Pain , #Scars , and my #brokenness , I have touched others' lives in #Love and #openness .
I am #morethanworthy  because whether or not I realized it,
there was somebody #waitingformetotouchtheirlife with a #sharedexperience  that would help shape both of us.
You are #morethanworthy ,too. Somewhere, some time, somebody
waits for #yourtouchontheirlife , whether it will be permanent, or a fleeting gift given in passing. Both will make a mark.
We are #morethanworthy because, to quote a #dickenscharacter ,we really are all "...fellow passengers to the grave,and not another race of creatures bound on other journeys."We all share this life as long as we're here, and we can #choose how we will live it with others. #choose to be #morethanworthy .