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Your job can negatively impact your mental health

You are at your job at least 8 hours everyday. When working in a toxic culture, your job can negatively impact your mental health. Tori Williams shares her experience working at a toxic job that poorly affected her mental health. Listen to her story to hear how she gained the courage to leave her toxic job and how she began to heal and improve her mental health.

Listen here:

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Toxic environment vs. therapy?

I was wondering if living in a toxic environment defeats the purpose of taking meds and receiving psychotherapy? Is it possible to recover while living with other people who are abusive? Should I remove myself from where I'm living now and then try therapy or should I pursue therapy regardless?

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How does one heal while still stuck in an unhealthy, toxic environment? #toxicenvironment #traumahealing

I am intrigued by the concept of needing a healthy environment to heal. What does one do if they don't have any hope of ever getting a healthy environment? As a disabled person constantly rejected by the government and the medical system for help, I'm stuck with whoever will support me unfortunately.

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Feeling Trapped

I'm feeling trapped at home with my parents and my sister. I recently was hospitalized for severe depression. I got out of the hospital on the 8th of June. Well of course I felt refreshed and restored. But, a few days later I slowly started to feel bad again. Not like before, but still bad enough for me to take notice. I just feel like there is no way out. I have no job, and no money. I've been unemployed for over a year now. I'm old enough that I should be out on my own but, I feel like this mental illness and my lack of confidence is holding me back. Can anyone relate? Do you have any advice for someone struggling with their mental health in a toxic environment and how to deal? #help #toxicenvironment #MentalIllness