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This is how I feel lately. I'm tired of feeling like this. It's a debilitating feeling and makes me feel like there's no reason to keep going. I know that's not the case, there's lots of reason to keep going, but feeling numb can kind of compound the feeling everything is falling apart because it's so easy to see the flaws in everything, rather than the good. And maybe this is me being back on my meds talking, I don't know. I just know I want to feel better.
#MentalHealth #Depression #Anxiety #numb #meds #Venlafaxine


Withdrawals from high dose venlafaxine?

I ended up in A&E today after realising I'd been taking 600mg venlafaxine daily for two weeks instead of 300mg. I'd been feeling awful and having intense chest pains and high heart rate but GP over the phone said it was just anxiety. A&E told me to drop straight down to 300mg and that I wouldn't get any withdrawals. As someone whose decreased venlafaxine before, I know going down by 37.5mg is hard...nevermind 300mg. Terrified of the next few days and what it might bring... #Venlafaxine #Antidepressant #withdrawals


Weaning off Venlafaxine...

I don't even know if I'm going it right... or if I should even be doing it. I feel lost.

I've been taking 100-75mg for five years... about a year ago, I reduced it down to 50, then to 37.5, I think.. I just recently I decided that I'm done with this. At least I think I am. About a month ago I started the tapering process.. a pill every other day for a week or two, now I'm pill free.. for about two to three weeks. I can't really remember that well. Being that it wasn't that hard, I didn't really keep track of it all, due to my life style and perhaps laziness.

The symptoms are kicking in all of a sudden and I don't know if I should be worried or not, I feel like I'm doing it all wrong and maybe I should just go back.

#Venlafaxine #Effexor #weaningoff #Tapering #AntidepressantDiscontinuationSyndrome #Antidepressants


Has anyone experienced really vivid nightmares when on Venlafaxine? Or what horrible side effects has anyone experienced whilst on it.

I have BPD and have been on 150mg venlafaxine for the last couple of months and only recently has it started playing with my sleep and nightmares. Also as you all probably know I can ‘forget’ to take medications when I’m feeling fine and the withdrawal symptoms are horrific.
Has anyone found this medication to be beneficial at all? #Venlafaxine #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder


Does anyone else get cold sweats and night terrors from Effexor? #Venlafaxine

I’ve been on Effexor since November with no issues and it has worked wonders on me. In the past month I’ve started getting cold sweats during the night and night terrors probably every other night. At first I didn’t really know why but now I’m thinking it could be to do with the meds, does anyone else have the same issue? #MajorDepressiveDisorder #Effexor

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Experience with #Venlafaxine #BPD #Bipolar #Depression

Hey guys. I recently started with Venlafaxine/Venlor. So far it's going well, except for extreme fatigue and headaches. The other meds made me seriously depro and rapid weight gain😔just want to check how anyone else's experience was?

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Day 1 of skipping my Venlafaxine

I've been slowly tapering off venlafaxine for the last 2 months and today's the first day at skipping a dose. The withdrawal is much better than the last time I tried this, but I'm sitting at work and I can feel my anxiety starting up and I don't know how to stop it. The tension in my head and the feeling as if I'm not getting enough oxygen - as if I'm being suffocated. On top of that I'm pmsing, which makes it 100x worse!! I know I just need to push through this and once I get through the withdrawal, its going to be much easier. What can I do to reduce this anxiety though?? #Anxiety #Depression #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Venlafaxine #withdrawal


Withdrawal from venlafaxine

Really struggling coming off venlafaxine, emotionally and physically. The guilt of being a burden through this is too much. Any words of encouragement appreciated. Thank you x
#withdrawal #Venlafaxine #CFS #HEDS #Depression

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what's the best way to taper off #Venlafaxine?

I've been trying for the last few weeks to taper off of my 75mg of #Venlafaxine and am now on https://37.5mg but the side effects are terrible when I don't take it. Can you guys please let me know what you find worked the best for you with minimal withdrawal symptoms? I drew up this schedule for the month to try and get off of it... Please let me know your thoughts on this. The withdrawal side effects are unbearable. Thanks! #Depression #Anxiety #Venlafaxine #withdrawal

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So Frustrated!!

#genericdrugssuck !
I finally find a generic for Wellbutrin that works for me, now no pharmacy has it in stock!! I’m totally out, here come the withdrawals I go through this every 3 months when I refill my prescription. they say they’ll order it and I never hear anything so I call them. oh I’m sorry we can’t get that generic the warehouse is out!! the same thing happens with the generic for Effexor. last month I went 4 days with out my meds, the withdrawals were horrible!! WHY!! does this keep happening?!? #Bupropion #Venlafaxine #mylanbrand #zydusbrand