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Experience with Bupropion / Wellbutin / Elafontil


Can the side effects of antidepressants change over time?

Disclaimer: English is not my native language 🙈

My experience:

I´ve been taking bupropion for 7 months. Two month with 150mg were hell and my psychiatrist was nearly to end the medication but we both wanted to know if it gets better with 300mg. When the dosage was increased I felt much better. I got my motivation back and I started too feel real happiness. The side effects decreased. The only ones that stayed were dry mouth, insomania/nightmares, sometimes short time memory loss and panic attacks.

But for a month now, I've had new side effects that are very unpleasant. I´m derealising more than usual and I got increased Sweating(especially at night), Anxiety Attacks and many unpleasant/embarrassing memories of my old self for no reason. Most of those memories are from many years ago and I haven´t really thought anymore about them. I know that those memories are kind of normal but in this case they are repetitive and intrusive. The memories will come to me so vividly as a daydream and I start to fall in a Thought spiral. They make me feel anxious, depressed and awful. I´m really suffering and I feel like I´m losing my mind. I´m having a appointment with my psychiatrist next week and I´m unsure if I have to change the medication.

Do you have a similar experience with bupropion or with another medicament?

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Need help!

OK, here’s the deal. I started taking bupropion in the beginning of June. It is now July 20. I have not ever had any bad side effects from taking this medication. I got my last period on May 20. Like I said it’s now July 20. I have had all the major pregnancy symptoms and definitely thought I was pregnant. However, I started thinking about it, and started questioning if the bupropion could be messing my cycle up. So I looked it up on Google and came across this website and saw that a few people commented saying that it messed there cycle up. My fiancé and I are trying to have a little one so now I am scared to test because I’m afraid it’s the bupropion that caused my missed period. I just don’t know if it is though because I was not having any bad symptoms up until two or three weeks ago not even when I first started taking this. Has anyone else started experiencing symptoms 2 months later? Is that normal? And would it cause ones period to be 2 months late ? I’m afraid to test now as I’ve gotten my hopes up completely thinking I finally got pregnant . Does this sound like it is from the medicine or ?? I also think I’m gonna quit taking it as my doctor never told me I would get withdrawals from this medicine. #Bupropion


Allergic reaction to Wellbutrin??

Has anyone been on Wellbutrin and developed an allergy in the form of hives?
At slightly more than 2 weeks since starting this med and a bit over a week since increasing the daily dose to 150mg I started to notice I would get super itchy hives on my body where there was a lot of heat and sweat generated. It’s been almost a week now that I’ve had these hives every day.
Cortisone cream seems to help the itching so I’m pretty sure it’s an allergic reaction. I’ve been trying to figure out what has changed in my routine and the dose increase is the only thing that comes to mind. Dr. Google also mentions hives as a possible rare side effect.
Has anyone else had this same experience?
#wellbutrin #Bupropion #Hives


So Frustrated!!

#genericdrugssuck !
I finally find a generic for Wellbutrin that works for me, now no pharmacy has it in stock!! I’m totally out, here come the withdrawals I go through this every 3 months when I refill my prescription. they say they’ll order it and I never hear anything so I call them. oh I’m sorry we can’t get that generic the warehouse is out!! the same thing happens with the generic for Effexor. last month I went 4 days with out my meds, the withdrawals were horrible!! WHY!! does this keep happening?!? #Bupropion #Venlafaxine #mylanbrand #zydusbrand


Can anyone relate? #Bupropion #Antidepressants

I feel like ever since I’ve been on this medication it kind of masks everything. it’s like deep down I’m still sad about everything and I jump from activity to activity cumpulsively without finishing a project. and the medicine kind of puts a smiley face on my feeling of hopelessness and negative intrusive thoughts. like I have to put on a show when I’m around other people.. I don’t know if this makes any sense. can anyone relate?


Has anyone had delayed menstrual cycle on Wellbutrin? #wellbutrin #MenstrualCycle #Depression #BipolarDisorder #BPD #SideEffects

I have been on Wellbutrin for fix weeks now, 150mg the first four and 300mg the past week.
It has improved my situation considerably and reduced my smoking as a bonus but has had annoying side effects.
For example everything tastes different now and water is bitter, always! Dizziness, nausea, noticeable tremor, anxiety, sweating, insomnia, swollen glands, but the worse is that My period is two weeks late which never happens, it’s been late before but never more than a week.
Has anyone else suffered this before? On google I found that it’s very rare, and haven’t seen a post about it yet. #wellbutrin #Bupropion #Depression #BipolarDisorder #BPD #MenstrualCycle #Period


Anyone taking wellbutrin and sarafem? #wellbutrin #sarafem #generic #SideEffects #hotflashes #shaky #Bupropion #Fluoxetine #PMDD

I have been on bupropion 300mg for mdd for 1.5 years and just started 20mg generic Sarafem (fluoxetine) 1 week ago for pmdd. I'm having hot flashes and shakiness- anxiety and depression are not lifting. Anyone had experiences with this combo? Do side effects cease after a while?


Wellbutrin side effect...?

Hi all, I started bupropion about 3 weeks ago for depression and I just had my first cycle of PMS/ period while on it and it was hell. I had really bad mood swings, cried all day for 3 days, and had terrible cramps. I’m on birth control for bad periods already, but I’m just wondering if anyone else has had this effect? I’ll see my doctor in 2 weeks and bring it up then too. #Bupropion #wellbutrin


Second day on Bupropian

Second day on my 150 mg dosage, and so far so good! No noticeable side effects, but I can honestly say it seems to wake me up, which helps a lot. It’s too soon to see real results, but with the side-effects behaving themselves I can’t complain. #Bupropion #wellbutrin #Newmeds #Depression #Antidepressants

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